I Thank God for Progress in My Education and in My Faith

The rhema word has put the victory tangibly in my hands. I was admitted into the Nigerian Law School in October 2010. I knew that walking in the consciousness of God’s grace had guaranteed my admission after several setbacks. I also believed the same grace was available to take me through law school.

The new curriculum of the school turned out really vast and intensive but I held on to the seemingly simple words, “God is my help.” There was so much palpable fear as the bar exams drew nearer. Those who tried to encourage us did so with stories of smart people who failed the bar exams.

During this time, God made adequate provision for my faith. The messages, No Fear Here and The Triumph of Gideon and the Three Hundred, kept me on track. I particularly made a slogan out of a point in the latter message: “Be inspired by your rhema word.” When the exams commenced, God taught me to resist the urge to talk about my concerns and inadvertently talk myself out of my victory. I studied hard, dared to believe and I passed my exams with a second-class grade.

I thank God for progress in my education and in my faith.

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