I Thank God Because He Is Just Awesome

I got admission to Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) for MSc in Environmental Management. I lived above the world’s standards and followed the path of integrity. When my final exams came, I studied well and also wrote well.

The results were published a short while later and it showed that I failed a course. I attended all lecture meetings for this course, bought the compulsory reading materials, did well in my term paper and answered the required number of questions in the exams. When I saw the result, I went to the lecturer and asked to see my raw scores. Although people advised me not to do so because he might get offended, I went ahead to see him and I told him my name. He said he remembered that I did not do well. Then he brought out the raw scores and a “D” was recorded. To convince me further that I failed, he brought my answers script and interestingly I had scored 62 percent in the exams excluding my term paper score.

He then begged me to take the exam again, and submit my paper to him because he didn’t know what to tell the Programme Coordinator. I couldn’t see myself rewriting the exam, so I told him that I would not connive with him to do evil against myself. I told him to tell the Coordinator that he made a simple mistake. He agreed to this and the next day when I called him, he told me that they had no problem rectifying the result and the change would also be reflected on the Notice Board.

He did just that. I thank God because He is just awesome!

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