I Rejoiced In The Lord For Those Words

For some unclear reason, my niece wandered away from the loving care of her parents. I say unclear reason because her parents were loving and believers too. Her dad is a medical doctor and the mum was a lawyer, and they gave her the best any child her age could desire. She was sent to the best Christian schools (nursery, primary and secondary) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. However, for no justifiable reason, she became rebellious and left home when she was in S.S.2.That marked a pause in her education in 2017. Every effort to track where and who she’s gone to be with never yielded any positive result. Once in a while, she would call to say she’s okay but won’t disclose her address. She also switched sim cards so that no one could reach her. This young girl joined herself with “wayward” young folks.

I was in church on Sunday, September 8th, 2019 when our dear Pastor Kech spoke by the Holy Spirit: “Your young daughter who left home is on her way back home”. I rejoiced in the Lord for those words. Immediately I got home, I called my sister (the girl’s mum) and shared the good news. She received it with joy too. The very next day, Monday the 9th of September the “prodigal” daughter called, “Mum I want to come back home, I’m tired”. This was too fast for comprehension. The mum replied, “Where are you?” She gave the address. When we went to pick her up, we saw this child born with a silver spoon in a place best described as “ghetto” squatting in a “shank” leaving with a “haggard” wayward single mum about twenty-four years old as her salesgirl in a local food vendor corner. Who could have imagined that! We took her home and conducted every necessary medical test and to God be the glory, she was kept by the mercies of God.

She has been enrolled for prep classes to catch up with the “wasted years”. I brought her to church on The National day Service. Ever since she has been a good daughter to her parents. She is being restored.

I’m grateful to God for giving us a pastor after His own heart. One who hears from God and declares His counsel. Remain blessed Pastor Kech.
To God be the glory.

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