I Pursued, Overtook And Recovered What The Enemy Thought He Had Stolen From Me

During one of the Olympic Games, I was watching the proceedings between 7 and 8 00 p.m. when my wife and children drove back home. My wife came to the sitting room to share some experiences she encountered with me. Suddenly, two men walked into the room, greeted us and declared that they were armed robbers. One took my wife aside and demanded the keys to the car she had just returned with. The other man came to me, ordered me and the children into my bedroom. They later brought my wife into the bedroom and shut the door against us. When help came, we discovered they had driven the car away with several personal items in my wife’s bag.

I thanked the Lord immensely as nobody was hurt but was amazed at how everything worked in favour of the robbers; two adult girls that stay with us were in the kitchen and saw them when they were operating and wanted to run through the back gate to call for help but could not find the keys. Our door is always busy by this period of time, yet nobody came in? Even the people that saw them thought they were working for us. I pondered over the whole matter, especially since I am a tithe payer and the devourer is not supposed to devour me. I kept my cool.

The next day, I realized that I was just restless. I started asking God in prayer why the restlessness and I heard, “Call them.” “No Lord, I do not have that face” was my response. “Them” here refers to the company I tracked the car with when we first purchased it. I was to renew the contract after one year, but I didn’t renew it because I had observed some inefficiency. Over one year had elapsed then and the Lord is asking me to call them.

Next morning, while cleaning my class in children’s church, I received an SMS from a sister who had since relocated to Calabar. She had received a dream from the Lord with respect to me. After reading the message, the Lord spoke again, ‘Call them.” This time, I did. Though they blew hot, God granted me favour with them and they located the car in Abuja FCT eventually.

With the help of a friend, the police swooped in on the robbers and recovered my car together with another stolen SUV that was eventually traced to my colleague at my place of work. The SUV had been stolen over three weeks earlier. By the last contact with the police in Abuja, they had recovered over eight vehicles from this syndicate.

I praise the Lord who caused me restlessness in my heart and I pursued, overtook and recovered what the enemy thought he had stolen from me.

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