I Glorify God

I was privileged to be in church during the Broken Wall Healing School of September 2009. Pastor Charles preached on The Power of Affirmation, his word caught my attention when he said, “Healing is the children’s bread” and “I am the healed resisting sickness.”

Prior to that time, I had suffered from periodic stomach pain coupled with headaches for over three years; the pains were normally severe and normally kept me awake at night for four days every month. This persisted for three years.

However, on this day, when Pastor Charles mentioned my case of abnormal stomach pain and cursed the sickness from its root; he stepped down and Pastor Nkechi took over the microphone and announced that someone in the gathering was suffering from a chronic headache and that if only they would indicate, it would be the end of the pain. I obeyed without hesitation and from that day, I have been dwelling in good health. I glorify God and want to give special thanks to my pastors.

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