I Became Completely Whole

In June 2012, my son came home with an infection that was diagnosed to be chicken pox. We took him to the hospital and he was placed on medications. Shortly afterwards, my twin daughters came down with it and were placed on the same medications. We began hearing what we could do as a family to protect ourselves. Since I have lived in divine health for over sixteen years, I always responded that no disease could survive in my blood. So, I still slept and constantly stayed with the children.

About a week afterwards, it came all over me alongside one of the adult girls living with us. As usual, I confessed the Word of truth. Two colleagues of mine in cautious derision warned me that this was a viral attack (they know that I believe God for my healing). A young girl who used to be our neighbour asked what I was going to do about it? Without thinking I responded thus, “It can only get better.” I felt good with my response and wondered how I got about such response. Then I realized that my spirit had picked it from Pastor Nkechi.

That same day, my son who sat by me had exclaimed that the heat from my body could boil water, but I kept declaring the living Word of God into the night and slept off. By the following morning, I realized the high temperature was gone and black patches were noticed over my body. According to my wife, that was the sign that it was gone. Truly it was gone. I became completely whole after a few days.

Praise the Lord forever and ever.

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