I Am In The Season Of The SHIFT

God’s Word is true and so is the undiluted Word of God we hear here in TCC. It is indeed a new day for us, we are in the season of the shift and the upgrade, and God is set to promote His children.

March 2019, I testified of God’s goodness regarding my “New Day” job. I shared how Pastor Nkechi Ene made some declarations over me regarding my job in June and July 2018 and the Word she gave during the January 2019 Keeping By The Holy Ghost meeting. She declared of someone getting a career change that will bring about a better standard of living for his family and himself also.

That job started on the 11th of March 2019. While I was still trying to settle into my new role, on the 20th of March 2019, a director in the company who I had never engaged with before reached out to me asking if I would be interested in taking on a new role to cover two regions in a different continent with an option of relocating to a particular country or choose a preferred country within one of the regions. I politely turned this down as I felt it was too early to swap jobs and I also didn’t have peace with it. At the same time, I also thanked God for the opportunity given to me because I knew that the favour of God was in action and Pastor Nkechi had told me a couple of years ago that I will choose my job.

On the 20th of June 2019, I was notified of another job opportunity regarding a new role created within the region I was located. I was also made to understand that I was one of the candidates highly recommended for that role and that if I was interested, I would still have to go through an interview process alongside the other recommended candidates. The idea was to choose the preferred candidate after the series of interviews. This role was also made known to my boss and though he stated that he would love me to remain within his team, he added that he will have no issue with whatever decision I made, and he trusted that I would make the right decision for my career growth. The interesting thing here was that I was given the opportunity to apply for the role and my boss confirmed that my current role will still be available for me if I wasn’t successful in the interviews for the new role.
Initially, I was a bit concerned as the role looked smaller in terms of title, coverage, and responsibilities and I felt there were a lot of challenges associated with the role. I discussed this opportunity with my wife, Pastor Nkechi and one of my career mentors and we were all on the same page that it was the right move to make. I was convinced that in this season of the SHIFT, God was working behind the scenes to bring about an upgrade in my life. I also remembered Pastor Nkechi’s words during Seed Week, where she talked about the upgrade and it was a word I held close to my heart and confessed regularly.

I had peace applying for the role and I went through the interview process successfully. God’s favour was evident at every stage of the interview. The interviewers appeared to be happy with the responses I gave to their questions. I shared progress with Pastor Nkechi and as usual, she gave me simple but powerful responses. I remember sending her a text on the 11th of July to share some feedback on something completely different and when she replied the following day, she ended by congratulating me on my upgraded job. For me, that text was like God confirming to me that my upgraded job was a done deal and my family and I just kept thanking God for the manifestation. Within this period, I was led by God to sow some seeds, which were not convenient for my family and one of such seeds was to Pastor Nkechi. I strongly believe that those seeds were triggers for my family and me in this season of the upgrade. On the 29th of July, I got an email from our HR with an offer of employment for this new role with a start date of 2nd September 2019 and it came with an increase with the same leadership level.

It has just been God’s unusual favour all the way, regarding this new role. It has been very interesting and quite challenging as I am already being involved in supporting some critical assignments even before my start date. This reminds me of what I learnt at Ekklesia and Pastor Sola’s message on “Positioned for Promotion”, where he stated that promotion is not necessarily hinged on your title but being able to influence more lives positively for the glory of God. He also talked about God’s promotion that is supernatural and does not follow man’s order of doing things.

I thank God for increasing my sphere of influence and the back-to-back manifestations of His goodness in my life and that of my family. I do not take what God has done for us lightly. I know God loves me, He has kept me, and He is not through with me. I thank God for my sweet mum, Pastor Nkechi Ene. I love you so much. I recognize and appreciate the godly counsel that you have given to me. I have seen the great results as I lined up to the guidance you have given to me at critical moments in my life. Thank you!

I want to thank Pastor Sola and the assistant pastors for the undiluted Word that comes consistently from this pulpit. I also want to thank my sweet wife, who has stood by me all the way. I love you so much.

I also want to use this medium to thank God for the opportunity given to me to serve in TCC. I know His grace is sufficient for me and His wisdom is available.

We must be intentional about the blessing and have the courage to act on God’s Word in every aspect of our lives and be willing to yield to godly counsel. When God speaks through His shepherds, our pastors, we need to run with the words because our lives depend on them. God has and will always give us specific instructions in our moments of crisis or at particular stages in our lives and they may not be convenient. We need to heed to God’s Word and direction, as we can only make meaningful progress when we line up with God’s Word.

Please keep your expectations up and speak them confidently because God is able. Praise God!

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