I Am Healed

Sometime in 2009, I observed that I could no longer breathe well. It was really difficult for me to sleep, especially in the night. I could not stay anywhere dusty or wherever food was being fried. At a point, I started avoiding fried food altogether. But, through it all, I kept saying, “I judge my God faithful and righteous in my health.”

One day, I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said that I had chronic asthma. There and then I told the doctor that I will not die, because I was not born with asthma. I knew that some day it would be a thing of the past. My sisters and friends were no longer comfortable with me living alone in the house. At times, it was so serious that doing any household chores for myself was impossible. I started declaring the Word of God about my healing and told those around me that the Holy Spirit is with me always. I kept declaring Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:25, Mark 11:25, 1 Samuel 2:1-2; all the healing Scriptures I could lay my hands on. Sleeping without an inhaler was impossible. Sometimes, I had to take Ventolin tablets and other drugs to enable me sleep, yet sometimes sleep was a luxury. I kept moving from one hospital or clinic to the other, yet nothing helped.

In the first and second weeks of January 2016, the attacks became very serious and regular. I became a constant visitor to clinics and pharmacies to buy drugs and injections. At a point, I was given an overdose of a drug to enable me breath but this still could not help. At a point, the doctor said I would be given a Nebuliser to aid my breathing. It was at this point that I started praising God. I knew God had to do something fast for me. I told Him that I am now judging Him faithful and righteous.

On the 24th of January, there was a word of knowledge by Pastor Sola that there was somebody with an asthmatic condition that has really attacked that person but that God is sending forth His Word to heal that person. There and then, I keyed into the word and received my healing. Since that day, sleeping is so wonderful and has been the sweetest thing in my life. Going to bed that was always scary before now is just the most wonderful and enjoyable part of my life.

I give praise and glory to God for He is indeed faithful and righteous. I am healed. Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, is here.

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