He Supplied My Seed!

During the Budget Reading Service in 2016, our presiding pastor, Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.) asked that we take our faith higher by making pledges for our businesses and companies. I took that as a rhema word to improve my business that wasn’t doing well at that time. I made a pledge for myself with my business name and went ahead to fulfil it. During the Hallelujah Week, Pastor Nkechi Ene declared that being a partner in this great auditorium project, will not only make you a landlord of one house but of many houses. That word became another rhema for me and I started saying it as a faith confession. Two years later, my business didn’t just pick up, I now have a branch.

After all these wonderful experiences, the enemy came to steal from me that year being 2018. I collected the Budget Pledge slip from the ushers during the Budget Reading Service, but instead of writing and dropping it like I always did, I decided to go home and think of what to pledge. That was when the chief liar came to steal from me. I started having thought bombs like, “What will the church do with so much money? See all the responsibilities facing you and your family, you want to give the little you have”. On one occasion in church, during offering, as I was filling out my offering envelope, the enemy drew my attention to the brother seated beside me and for the first time in church, I heard someone say, “Can you see what he is giving at his level? Look at what you want to give”. I turned around to see who spoke to me but couldn’t find anyone, then I recognized the voice and the next thing that came out of my mouth was, “Thief, come and take, you think I don’t know it was your voice?” The person sitting next to me asked what I was saying, and I became conscious of myself again.

When I got home that day, I searched for my Budget Pledge slip but couldn’t find it. I searched my note pad but still could not find it. The following week, I requested for a new Budget Pledge slip and was told to check the following Sunday. So, I went home that day and asked God to forgive me and pleaded with the Holy Spirit to help me with this. I remembered a message I choose as my classic, The Courage of David, preached by Pastor Nkechi Ene. When I listened to that message again, I wept, asking myself, “Victory, how could you have forgotten what worked for you all these years?”
The next day, as I was going through the topics for this year in my lesson note, I saw my Budget Pledge slip and I shouted, “Thank You, Holy Spirit, my Helper.” I wrote down my pledge without any delay and dropped it the next service day. Then I prayed to God who supplies seed to supply me this seed so I can fulfill my pledge immediately, and He supplied it.

I am so grateful to God, my Father, for His faithfulness.

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