He Is My Jehovah Shammah, Ever-Present Help in the Time of Need

My husband, my son and I, along with my friend and her son, who is my son’s classmate, travelled together. We dropped the two boys in their new school and after they were settled in, the three of us went back to New Jersey in the United States. We stayed at my brother-in-law’s place with our friend to rest for a while before coming back to Nigeria.

On Wednesday the 25th of January, my friend fell seriously ill at night. She vomited severally and complained of severe headache, admitting that she used to have migraine sometimes. We prayed with her and she felt better, and she told me to go back to my room. Early the next morning, my brother-in-law heard a shout from her room. On getting there, we found out that my friend had passed out. We did all we could, but she was not responding. She had stretched out completely on the bed and her body looked lifeless. My brother-in-law called 911 and within minutes they were there, asking us several questions. They were able to resuscitate her, took her in an ambulance to the hospital and carried out a CT (Computerized Tomography) scan. It was seen that she was bleeding in her brain; a medical condition called aneurysm. This was why she had been having the severe headaches. Normally, aneurysm resulted to instant death, stroke or paralysis. Thank God this did not happen to my friend.

She was then referred to a bigger hospital where the chief neurosurgeon was to commence immediate surgery to save her life. When we heard the report, we decreed that our God, the great physician, should do the surgery that is needed to save her. We decreed that she would not die but live to declare the Word of God. We also informed her husband in Nigeria about her present condition. We were all praying for her. We urged her husband to come over to the USA immediately, since she was our guest there and an immediate family member needed to be present. She was our visitor and we were fully responsible for her well being. We started declaring that there would be no surgery, that she was healed in Jesus’ Name. We declared that she would not die, that we will not be ashamed and be asked to give negative account of what happened, and that she would come out alive.

To the glory of God, by the time the next scan was taken, we discovered that the bleeding had stopped completely to the amazement of all the doctors. We were told that the neurosurgeon would watch her for a while to ascertain if there will be any need for a brain surgery or not. She was placed in the Intensive Care Unit with close monitoring and expert attention.

After about four different tests, we were told that she did not need the surgery again, to the glory of God. Lastly, a dial was passed through her groin region to check for any leakage of blood in the brain. There was no bleeding anywhere. The bleeding that was first noticed was nowhere to be found in the brain. She was then certified okay. She requested they discharge her and she came back with us to Nigeria. We spent fourteen hours to South Africa, six hours waiting for our flight to Nigeria, and six hours to Nigeria.

During the fourteen hours flight from JFK airport in New York to South Africa, I told her to speak God’s Word and believe she will be strong and able to fly. Most of our friends, medical personnel in the US warned us that she may not make it due to the long flight, but we did not have any other alternative but to bring her to Nigeria with us. As we boarded, I told her to say that she will live and not die. I gave her Pastor Nkechi’s book Dancing With Your Spirit. I told her Pastor Nkechi’s testimony, of how she was told that she would die if she dared to fly but she did fly, and she is alive and well today. I declared the Word of God to her and told her to repeat it loud after me. I read some chapters relevant to her in Pastor Nkechi’s book Dancing With Your Spirit. I told her to say, “I will not die, there is no emergency landing because of me, and I will make it.” I gave her my iPod to listen to the message No Fear Here. Right on board, I became a pastor, doctor and nurse. I did not dare to sleep for the fourteen hours to South Africa. In the course of the flight, she started complaining that she was having pains in the head. I told her not to think of it, that it was a lie from the devil and a mirage. I told her that she should focus on the Word of God, that she is healed already. After a while she told me the pains were gone.

To the glory of God by the time we got to South Africa, she was strong and went to do some shopping. To God’s praise, we landed in Lagos, and into the waiting arms of her husband and family. My husband and I breathed a great sigh of relief. We thanked God for saving the life of our friend and for saving us from reproach and shame, saying that someone accompanied us to America and died while with us. It would have been difficult to explain to her family since she spoke with them late the previous evening, and was apparently well and healthy.

We thank God for He is a present help in the time of need. I call him Jehovah that answers sharp, sharp; Jehovah – my-right-on-time God. Jehovah Shammah, ever-present help in the time of need. The Word of God we have been taught over the years became an anchor for us when a critical situation came up. We also thank God for granting us journey mercies to all the places we traveled to and safe journey back home.

We thank Pastor Nkechi, Pastor Sola and all the other pastors who take time to dig deep into the Word of God and expose the truth of God’s undiluted Word to us. May you all continue to experience the fullness of the blessing in Jesus’ Name.



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