Hallelujah!!! That Next Period Never Came

Our testimony dates back to October 2013. During Oasis that year, my husband (then fiancé) and I received a word of knowledge concerning fibroids, which I had then. I was ministering with the choir and my husband (fiancé) was visiting for the programme then. He came, believing God for a word. When Pastor Nkechi began to speak, she described the situation we were going through then and we believed and held on to the Word of God. We later had a successful surgery for removal of fibroids in December 2013.

In March 2014, we got married and our journey began. Initially, we decided to wait a few months before we started having our children. However, when we were ready, months became years and the wait continued. We believed that each month was the month but my menstrual period never failed to show up. During the wait, I noticed that the fibroids had returned. We also went for medical checks and consultations with results suggesting almost every possible diagnosis for a couple in waiting.

During this period, we believed God and trusted His Word to come to pass, but we were not consistent in speaking what we wanted to receive. One of the things we later learnt was that situations speak (in our case, the fibroids, test results, menstrual period). However, we are to speak louder and vocalize what we believe.

We later booked an appointment to see Pastor Nkechi and we were assigned to see Pastor Casmir. He counselled and encouraged us and made us write out our faith confessions. This helped us vocalize more. We kept our faith confessions and held on to every Word that God spoke concerning our situation.

Later that year, I had to travel out of the country for official training and my husband was to join me months later. We continued to believe and declare God’s Word. During this time, I kept in touch with church services and programmes by live stream. We keyed into prophecies and words of knowledge at the time. A few weeks before my husband came, Pastor Sunny Williams preached in church and gave a word about a “quick work”, which I also keyed into.

The Sunday before my husband would come and join me was a Healing Service in which I also joined by live-stream. Pastor mentioned the case of a lady who had a dark substance coming out from her body, who Jesus was healing. At the time, it was just after my menstrual period and I was having an unusual dark vaginal discharge, which I was a bit worried about. I believed that word was for me and I received it and cursed the discharge. I never saw it again. In the same service, God had reached out to my husband and gave him a nudge to go and hug Pastor. This was to serve as a faith extender. He became restless in his seat as he wondered how he was going to achieve this with the protocol and security team usually with Pastor. In his favour, he was on duty that day and was wearing his PA uniform; so, it was easy to recognize him as a member of the church when he walked towards Pastor’s car after the message. The protocol members had already turned him back when Pastor beckoned on him to come to the car. She asked what he wanted and he said, “Pastor, I just want to hug you. I am going to see my wife, and I want to come back with a testimony”. Pastor gave him a hug and prayed with him.

Before my husband would arrive, I had already made some background preparations. I was seeing a gynaecologist and also made appointments for my husband’s possible referral when he arrives. At this point, we were willing to go on with assisted conception procedures if necessary. When my husband arrived, we went for an appointment with the GP (General Practitioner). We met a different doctor who only advised us generally about eating healthy, taking pre-conception vitamins and gave a three-month appointment. My husband was angry and not impressed because this meant we would not get referred to the specialist care until after three months, which meant further delay. I, on the other hand, was unusually calm and saw it as an opportunity to take more steps of faith, like starting my vitamins as though I was already pregnant. I said to my husband, “What if it was God speaking through that doctor?” This calmed him down.

After this, we continued to deliberately act in faith. I shopped for some baby items. We would lay our bed with an extra little blanket at the centre each day believing that was for our baby. Whenever we both would leave for work, I would usually just spread the clothes of either my husband or myself beside the little blanket so my baby is not “alone at home”.

At my next gynaecology appointment, I was given investigation forms for infertility tests with instructions relating to specific days of my next menstrual period. Hallelujah!!! That next period never came. I conceived! The forms still serve as a reminder of God’s wondrous work.

During the pregnancy, when I went for routine ultrasound scans and later growth scans, each sonographer would ask, “Was it a normal conception?” As they saw the magnitude of coexisting fibroids and could only wonder how the conception occurred.

At thirteen weeks, the devil came with a scare. I had just returned after a long shift at work and noticed I was bleeding; bright red blood with some clots and severe abdominal pain followed. My husband and I prayed and then went to the hospital. I was examined and the doctor told me it was “products of conception”. I smiled and asked if the cervix, that is the neck of the uterus, was closed. To which she responded, “Yes”. This happened a night before my booked first scan. I knew my baby was secure because he was God’s gift. I didn’t entertain fear or negative thoughts. We kept declaring God’s Word and when we went for the scan the next morning, the first thing the sonographer showed us was the strong heartbeat of our baby. We saw how God kept him safe and secure. The pains continued intermittently during the pregnancy but God kept our son. I was safely delivered of our bouncing miracle baby boy at full term and guess when he arrived? A day after our birthday; my husband and I share the same birthday, which is the 25th of March, and our son was born the next day. We had hoped he would arrive on our birthday but he decided to have his own day. This was all God’s timing and perfect plan. He saw me through the delivery process, post-delivery period and we have had a wonderful eight months and still counting.

We would like to encourage every couple waiting for their miracle. God has a plan and He would perfect it. Keep hearing, declaring and acting on the Word of God. It will surely come to pass!

We want to thank our Family Outreach Group for their prayers and support. We thank our pastors; Pastor Casmir for counselling with us, sharing his experience with us and following us up all through. Pastor Tayo, our Zonal Pastor, who has encouraged us all through, from our marriage counselling up till now. Pastor Kech and Pastor Sola for the undiluted Word, words of knowledge and prayers. We thank the New Wine Choir for timely songs, rich with the Word of God. We also thank our family for being patient and praying for us through it all. Indeed, The Carpenter’s Church is a place to be and God never misses a service here.

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