God Is Truly A Father Who Provides For Us

Last year we began believing God for our rent and a change of accommodation. So, He provided the rent first but the challenge of getting a new location and the type of house we wanted became an issue for us. So many houses were presented to us – the good, the bad and the ugly but none satisfied us both, especially my wife, so we put the search on hold.

Early in December while walking down the street, I just asked God to do it His way since He knows our heart desires and understands what we want more than we do. Our rent was to expire on the 31st of December last year but He came through for us on the 25th of December. How it happened is a testimony on its own. Meanwhile, we had used a part of the money for rent as seed and thanksgiving before then, believing that at the due time God will make it up for us, but He did it in His own way.

The amount we paid for our new location was exactly what was left in our account. The location was more than our desired compound. When my wife noticed that there was no water heater, I told her that I will fix one for her but let’s just pay the rent first. A few weeks ago, we got a gift of a water heater without even requesting for it. God is truly a Father who provides for us in big and small things.

My next testimonies are on healing. During the last Healing Service with Pastor Kech, I got healed of a swollen rib and severe inner pains. God saved me from a road accident last month. The major impact was on my ribs, which caused one to be swollen. To sneeze or cough was a nightmare for weeks, as well as lying down or getting up from the bed. Proper medical attention with drugs and the rest was all to no avail. We concluded on going back to the hospital on Monday since I had completed the medication and there were no major changes. When a case of swollen ribs was mentioned, my wife asked me to place my hand on my ribs; reluctantly I did that just to please her. I slept from Sunday night until morning and woke up without remembering that such a thing was there. It was when I was about taking my bath that the consciousness came that I was healed. I went back to work on Monday instead of the hospital doing the things freely doing what I couldn’t do before. Hallelujah!

Also, our son Zoey, slept well on Sunday night without difficulty in breathing having also been healed during the Healing service on Sunday. We had never experienced that for the past 18 months. We had gone from one pediatric hospital to another, both within and outside the state, meeting wonderful and God-given doctors. Early last year he had a successful surgery, but that did not stop. We even had to carry out a repeat test and x-ray, which confirmed that the surgery was successful, yet sleeping and breathing was still a problem.

When his case was mentioned by Pastor Kech on Sunday, my wife and I held hands in agreement and declared his lungs and airways free. God gave him real sleep after Sunday service. When we came back from work on Monday evening, I asked my wife if she noticed anything about him last night. She said he was fine and reconfirmed what God had done. We give God all the glory because it can only be Him.

I want to thank Pastor Charles Omofomah first for making me understand the power of simple prayers. Thank you Pastor Nkechi Ene, God’s words from you to us has produced uncountable testimonies, which we do share in our FOGs. Thank you, Pastor Sola, for making us do the right thing during our wedding schedule and for the undiluted Word, which we are enjoying today as a family. To our marriage counsellors, God bless you. We are still reaping your words. Thank you to Brother Dijana, our FOG head.

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