God Has Been Faithful

I want to thank God for His faithfulness to me, and my siblings. How God saw my sisters and I through the various storms after my mum's death is a testimony on its own. Our family members abandoned us, but with God's help we went through school in purity, fulfilling our dreams of becoming a medical doctor and a lawyer. For us, that was awesome enough but God did not stop there. My sister graduated as a medical doctor and got married and is blessed with two handsome sons, Jason and Joel. On the day of Jason's dedication, Pastor Charles prophesied that I would be the next in line to be married but I was a bit shy so I said “amen” in my heart but He insisted that I boldly received my miracle, and I stood up and received it. That was in August and by July the following year, the Word of God came to pass.

I got married as a virgin in a royal wedding ceremony. I got married to a man who loves me and understands purpose and destiny. My wedding gifts were awesome, the weather was beautiful but specifically, I want to thank God for the gift of my brand new car given to me by my adopted parents. I want to say that you don't have to manipulate to get what God has in store for you. I want to thank God for my adopted parents. I may not physically have their gene but spiritually, I have their gene and they are a wonder to this world. I want to thank God for a beautiful honeymoon in Dubai. To some other persons these might be ordinary but to me it's a wonder because my life was a disaster waiting to happen until God stepped in and rewrote the story of my life. Today, I'm a mother of a beautiful baby girl and God has only just started with me.

Years back, I was just an orphan girl looking pitiful, not knowing where the next meal was going to come from. Nobody wanted to associate with me but today God has turned my story around and I can actually stand and say I have a Father in the Lord.

I want to tell every single lady that you don't have to open your legs for any man in order to be somebody. Determine rather to stay in your house and die of hunger, which will never happen! And if you are not a virgin today and you decide to stand for God henceforth and live in purity, God will back up your desire and give you a man of purpose like He has done for me.

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