God Came Through For Me

When I was six months pregnant, I was asked to go for a scan. After the scan, it was discovered that my baby was breeched. I asked the nurse about the possibility of the baby turning, and she said the baby was relaxed in the breeched position and may remain that way till delivery. When I got home, I told my husband and we prayed about it. We also prayed about it in my Family Outreach Group (FOG). We believed the baby was going to turn.

By the time I was nine months pregnant, I used to feel so uncomfortable because the baby was pressing on some organs. There were times I would go for choir rehearsals and would have to obtain permission to go home because of the pains. After the final scan, though the baby still had not turned, we trusted God for the best. On my Expected Delivery Date (EDD), when the baby did not come, I went for the antenatal and the doctor said if the baby did not come in two days I would have to be induced. I had my first baby that way, and I did not want to have a repeat of it. When the doctors asked me to go for another scan, I objected and spoke to the baby to prepare his way and come out.

Three days later, I started having contractions and by 7:30 a.m., I was taken to the hospital and I was asked to lie on only one side because of the position of the baby. To God be the glory, by 10:45 a.m., the baby emerged but came out breeched. I did not have episiotomy neither was I induced. If the baby had turned, it would have been awesome, but God did it in His own way to show that even in an impossible situation, He can still come through. By the next day, I was home with my baby.

I remember telling my husband to share the testimony of how we found our daughter after she got missing, because it would trigger another testimony. Indeed it triggered this testimony. God came through for me. I give God all the praise.

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