From Positionally Healed To Experientially Healed

Back in School I joined a dance group in the fellowship I attended. It was exciting and a good means of service to God for me. One day, while at home my right knee joint suddenly went out of place after I bent over to get something. The pain was terrible. I remained in that position until someone was able to look beyond my tears and screams and put it back in place. Subsequently, it became a regular issue. It would just move out and get fixed like that. Choir rehearsals became terrible for me. I’d leave rehearsals with a swollen knee and I’d have to use a heat balm and a cloth to tie it for a while. The Devil tried to tell me it could be bone cancer and my leg could be amputated or something. It got harder to fight the thought as the pain was increasing. I was made the leader of the dance group and I wondered how I was going to get along with it as I had previously reduced my attendance to rehearsals. Having become the leader I would teach or direct a dance but would not dance. Everybody complained but I always had a good excuse for it. After I left school, I was relieved from having to give excuses. Then I was called for Cutting Edge (a dance group) screening in Church. I did not have a reason to give for declining the invitation.

What kept ringing in my mind was the word Pastor Nkechi had preached sometime ago on doing what you have not done before. It kept ringing in my mind every time I thought about the issue. I had been prayed with, spoken the Word over my knee, but had always declined putting my faith into action. During the screening, I was asked, “What do you think can hinder your service in this group?” I almost mentioned the knee problem, but I didn’t. I joined the group, and it was when we had one full week of rehearsal and I did not feel the slightest pain nor swelling that I realized that my knee joint had stopped going out of place. I ministered with the group and I did not feel any pain. I am healed. I am completely healed by the words of my testimony. I have moved from being positionally healed to being experientially healed. God is faithful.

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