For The First Time in My Life I Had My Period without Being Bedridden

When I became a lady and started having my menstrual cycle, I did not know peace. The trauma that I experienced was usually for a whole day at the end of which I’d turn out like one who had been sick for about a month. I would not eat, drink or even brush my teeth. I’d also throw up and be unable to perceive anything. To cap it all up, I’d be bedridden.

The turning point was during the “31st Night Service” of 2005. It was prophesied that God would visit us. Immediately, I resolved that, that year would be a pain-free year for me. That night when I wrote down my three prayer requests, one of them was simply thanking God for my victory over menstrual pain. I went ahead to tell my mum that one of my victories would manifest shortly.

When the day came, I started by doing the dishes, singing and dancing, which I increased at the slightest cramp or pain. When my mum asked me to make breakfast, unlike before, I agreed without any hesitation. I worked in the kitchen with the aroma of food and even tasted the food. I expressed my faith by refusing to spit out like I was tempted to. While I was bathing, I almost threw up. I gave it a few hours and then I ate normally and drank water. I waited till evening and it was then that I told my mum and siblings what God had done for me.

For the first time in my life I had my period without being bedridden. I appreciate my pastors for the Word of God that came through them that triggered my faith to receive from God.

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