14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”

Luke 2:14

The word divine or divinity means from God. Favour means a kind action, goodwill, approval, gift, token, etc. Divine favour refers to favour, kindness, kind actions, goodwill, and approval from God towards you. We may paraphrase the phrase, “Goodwill toward men,” to read, “Favour toward men.” I want you to know that you are favoured. Jesus Christ came, so that goodwill or favour can abound towards all men. Jesus is the foundation of all the favour you stand to get. When you are favoured by God, you will be favoured by men.

The favour of God makes you a better person. It enhances you and makes you more than you were. The favour of God promotes you. The Bible talks of Joseph enjoying promotion because he was favoured of God (Genesis 41:44). In one day, the Israelites who were slaves and paupers became a free and wealthy nation because God favoured them. As a result of the working of God’s favour on their behalf, they had things they did not have before (Exodus 12:35-36).

When you talk to some Christians they tell you it doesn’t matter whether or not they have anything to wear, as long as they have the favour of God. That is a contradiction. If you do have God’s favour, you will have additions to your life; in fact, multiplications, not just additions. How can you explain, that a man who was once a pauper, is now “distributing gold”? God’s favour will always add to you and make you better.

In order to enjoy the favour of God, you have to leave your religion and tradition. Key into the divine favour of Almighty God; and walk in it. Go with joy and laughter in your heart. Let your mouth rejoice because you know confidently that you are in favour with God and you will get what God says you will get.

Confession: I am favoured by God. Jesus is the foundation of all favours, and because I am favoured by God, men will favour me.

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