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6 years ago

I am a member of TCC my husband brought me to church years b4 we did our premarital counselling and all.Though had our wedding in my father’s church back in my state in 2010.
The issues I need answer s to right now is that my husband that I’ve always believed had the fear of God is addicted to pornography and has taken it a step further by engaging in phone sex with some at least 2 ladies I know of. It happened when my phone went bad in December and I had to make use of his old phone. Saw naked pictures of this particular lady and WhatsApp chat that was so disgusting.
Though he denied having anything with them that they were just friends. Last night my daughter of 6 was making use of his phone flashlight and left it on to sleep while he was already asleep. Was having difficulty sleeping as I’m in my final month of pregnancy so I decided to go through some old pictures of myself while pregnant since my old memory card was in his phone to my horror saw so many downloaded videos of porn and 2 pictures that were sent via WhatsApp of a completely naked Virgina.
Find it so hard to believe because I thought he has passed that all. Couldn’t help myself had to ask him as he woke up to use the rest room. He was so upset and use all manner of words on me that he has the freedom to marry as many women and he wasn’t forced into marrying me that I should appreciate what I have. Long and short he didn’t download d videos they just miraculously found their way into his phone. He doesn’t keep late nights and I should go ask women with promiscuous husband what they go through. After quarrelling me for so long with raised voice he left the room to the sitting room. Went after him to apologize and begged him to come back he got angry and started shouting again. Because I didn’t want his brothers in the guest room to wake up I had to take my younger daughter to the children room and slept with her there while I left the other 2 on the bed in my room. He eventually went in to sleep and left for work this morning without saying a word to me.
I’m worried about his actions and what his response will be if I had to talk to our premarital counselor because he may chose to leave church being he is in a department and all in so doing I would have lost him to the word. Please what should I do.

6 years ago

Our God reigns

6 years ago

My question is…can u pray for a dead person to come back to life?

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