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Body Life For Families

Since its inception in February 2009, The Body Life For Family Meetings has continued to enrich the lives of singles and married couples. The meetings for the singles is known as Sistaz and Suitors. The MoThaRs Collection (a meeting for wives more than rubies), and The Boaz Brigade (a boot camp for married men) are meetings for married women and men respectively.

On the third Sunday of most months, these meetings hold simultaneously. Sometimes the meetings are held separately and at other times they are combined. The standard format of the meetings is a discussion, and thereafter a panel answers questions relating to the topic as well as other general questions. On other occasions the meeting may feature debate or a movie outing.

These meetings were specially put in place for and are designed to build up and mold singles and married people into the ideal person God has destined them to be. To the glory of God these objectives are being realized.

The Body Life For Families also has Q&A blogs on the website. There you’ll find answers to some of your questions, and be inspired by testimonies of how God is using these fora to change many lives.

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