As I Walked In Faith, I Knew It Was A Settled Case

Some years back, a friend of mine travelled to have surgery and she came back with this crusade that every woman should have some breast awareness. That sort of drew my attention to a kind of unusual feeling I had observed in my breast. Since I’ve always believed in divine healing and health, I didn’t bother myself with it. Rather, I kept thanking God that if there was anything wrong, He would take it away. The feeling continued for some time and it gave me quite a bit of concern. During that time, I had cause to see a doctor on another issue, so I raised it. After the tests, I was given a clean bill of health and I was happy about that.
After about three months, the pain intensified and I didn’t know what to do other than to stand on the Word of God. I kept confessing my healing and precisely one year after, the pain became unbearable. It was getting obvious that one of my breasts was bigger than the other and was discoloured. The pain was so much that it was uncomfortable for me to ride in a car because of road bumps or even walk. I could remember one day on my way to my Family Outreach Group (FOG) meeting; they had poured some hardcore on the road, I took a motorbike and I had to sit with my two hands propping me up to absorb the pain with my hands. The cyclist noticed it and was even afraid I would fall off the bike
I called a doctor in my FOG and he referred me to a doctor at the University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) but when I got there, I realized it was a public holiday. However, I bought an emergency card and the attendant asked me to come back the following week, precisely on Monday, for a biopsy after which they would decide whether the tissue sample was cancerous or not and also decide on the best form of treatment. I felt I didn’t have enough faith to go back to see a doctor, so I stayed on the Word even though the pain grew worse.
On Sunday, I managed to be in church and Pastor Charles spoke on The Fullness of the Blessing. When I heard the topic, I started declaring the blessing to myself because I already had personal praise sessions previously. I anticipated that healing would be ministered in the course of the message. I was so excited and in my heart, I knew my healing was settled.

Towards the end of the message, Pastor Charles gave a word of knowledge saying, “There is somebody here, you have a swelling on your left breast…”, and I raised my hands and took my healing. Throughout that week, I still felt the pains and some friends actually suggested I see a doctor but I didn’t want that matter discussed any more as I knew it was a settled case. I knew that my healing would manifest. Sometimes, I had to contend with thought bombs of how one of my breasts would be cut off and all that but I countered them with the Word of God. Eventually, the pain disappeared. The beautiful thing about divine healing is that when Jesus does it, you know He is the Balm of Gilead. Everything became perfect; I was completely healed. I even felt healthier than ever, just like the testimony of Namaan. I am thankful to God and to the vessel that God used to come through for me.

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