A Word Of Knowledge And I Was Healed

A few days before Testimony Service in September 2007, I discovered a growth in my anus while I was taking a bath. Initially it was a bit terrifying for me because I had never had that kind of growth before. It was hard and painful and using the toilet was not a pleasant experience. Anytime I moved around I felt a sharp pain and when I had to sit down I had to do it cautiously. I broke bread (communion) and made up my mind to forget that I had it. I carried on with my normal activities though I kept on having thought bombs that the growth was not simple but something complex.

A day before Testimony Service I had a confirmation that I was healed totally and that Pastor Nkechi was going to confirm it. When Pastor prayed, the first healing situation she called out was that of growths. That day the pain stopped but the swelling was still there. I knew within my heart that I was healed. By the end of September when I was having a bath I checked out the area and noticed that the swelling had disappeared. Praise God!

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