We Made It Out Without Even A Single Scratch On Our Bodies

Desmond B.

On the 8th of July, which was three days after our 25th Anniversary Celebration, I accompanied my aunt to Bayelsa for a Conference. We had a very smooth journey all the way from Port Harcourt to Yenogoa; and we always stopped by the roadside to buy goodies since she was the one driving.

On reaching Yenogoa, we waited by a T-junction along the roadside for my aunt’s friend who is a pastor and resides in Bayelsa. Soon enough, she came around in her own car and asked us to drive behind her, as she was to take us to the place we were to stay. We went off the Express Road and entered into a very narrow and rough road. On entering the road, my aunt complained that the road was very narrow and I concurred saying that it was rough too. As soon as I said that, all of a sudden the car sped up by itself. The car moved so fast that my aunt had to overtake her friend who we were following.

At first I wondered why she overtook her friend who was giving us the directions, but then she started screaming the name of Jesus. That was when I realized that it was not her intention to speed, something was really wrong, and so I joined her to scream the name of Jesus as well. She tried to use the brakes several times but it was all to no avail. At a point, she forgot about the brakes since they failed to work and concentrated on the steering wheel.

We tried to avoid hitting people or cars coming in the opposite direction as the car skidded from left to right, because it was on top speed. In the process of avoiding crashing into another car, we crashed into the river. The car just dived into the river.

As soon as the car hit the water, it stopped. We quickly removed our seat belts and immediately, help came.

Then it was time to come out of the car. They tried opening the car doors from the outside but they did not succeed. We also tried opening up from the inside but the doors refused to open. Therefore, one of the men had to break the left side car window with his elbow with the intention of bringing us out through the window. However, immediately he broke the glass, the doors unlocked. It was not easy getting us out from the car as two men had to pull the car door open, hold them while we struggled our way out of the car.

With the help of people, we made it out of the river, climbed up the hill back into the road. Some other people helped us pack our things from the car into my aunt’s friend’s car.

To the glory of God, we neither hit nor killed anyone, and the most amazing thing is that we made it out without even a single scratch on our bodies. This was a big surprise to the eyewitnesses around as they rejoiced saying that God really loves us.

I want to thank my pastors for the teaching of the undiluted Word; indeed there is no fear here.