This Can Only Be Jehovah Overdo At Work

Kaananwi B.

I woke up in the morning with a strange feeling of needing more rest. I had to cancel my appointments for the day and enjoyed the good rest. The weather, which was very good in the morning suddenly changed and it started raining lightly at about 2:30 p.m. My children came back from school in the rain and my daughter announced almost immediately that she was going for lessons at her teacher’s place. Of course, I did not allow her to leave the house, so she started crying. My wife later came to inform me that my daughter’s teacher was actually outside waiting for her and that she would carry her through the rain to meet with the teacher. Reluctantly, I allowed her to go for the lesson.

Less than three minutes after my daughter left, the rain increased in intensity. The family had to assemble in the master’s bedroom to encourage each other. It rained heavier than I had ever witnessed in all my life. Blocks of ice were just hitting the roof and the G.M.P glass, so much that I was convinced it would break. It appeared like the whole house was about to be buried under the block of ice that was raining heavily from all directions.

I had a leading to check the first room, so I left my wife and son in the master’s bedroom. On getting to that room, I saw a block of ice on the bed, everywhere was already soaked; the fence had collapsed and had broken the G.M.P glass in the room. My gate was blown open and one side of it completely damaged. The avocado pear tree in my compound was uprooted and thrown on the roof of my neighbour’s house. Can you imagine that a big tree like that did not destroy the roof nor cause any serious damage? Only three pieces of Cameroon zinc sheets required changing. This can only be Jehovah overdo at work.

The big mango tree I had was also uprooted but it fell at the centre of the compound and did not damage anything at all. The line of fence adjourning my house fell and broke the G.M.P glass, making pieces of the glasses fly all over the place. The only part of that fence that did not fall was the one close to the window of the master’s bedroom where my family assembled. This can only be Jehovah overdo at work. This whole event did not last up to twenty minutes. As soon as the wind and rain subsided, my wife went after our daughter and found her safe and complete with nothing missing and nothing broken. The recovery process has been wonderful as Jehovah provided resources from sources that I could not have imagined. Today, a more reinforced fence has been erected, the gate fixed and some of the roofing sheets that were damaged have been replaced. This can only be Jehovah overdo at work.

Let me specially thank Pastor Nkechi, and Pastor Sola my family and I love you dearly also the assistant pastors, for the undiluted Word you preach, these words give us the courage to contend with whatever challenge that dares to come our way. I wish to also thank my FOG head and co-ordinator for their words of encouragement. Praise God.