This Breakthrough Is Totally Divine

Daiyi M.

My wife and I got married on November 10, 2012. Though I got married slightly late, I wasn’t in haste bringing forth children into the scene. I wanted to have some good time together with my wife, but she thought differently.

On December 18, 2013, my wife sought medical attention occasioned by a terrible stomachache. The culprit was found to be uterine fibroids. Sometime later, my wife missed her menstrual period, followed by severe stomachache and bleeding. We again went to the hospital to see a doctor. There she did a pelvic scan investigation, and the result showed she had early cyesis (early pregnancy) and multiple uterine fibroids.

A week later, we were back at the hospital for a routine checkup. She did another pelvic scan investigation and the result this time showed there was no cyesis because the fibroids had suffocated the developing fetus. A couple of days later, we returned to the hospital and my wife was operated on a case of myomectomy to take the fibroids out of the way. The fibroids were removed and quality time elapsed. By the middle of 2015, a close and concerned friend of ours suggested a reproductive specialist to us, and my wife began visiting his hospital. He recommended certain tests, which she judiciously carried out. The results of these tests were satisfactory. However, each time he carried out pregnancy test for her, the result was negative.

I recall one particular month, our expectation of achieving pregnancy that month was colossal. My wife was in the convenience when suddenly I began hearing the sound of a cry of agony, and I asked her why she was crying? She said, “Look my period has come again.” I was angry at this action and left her there. I refused to take part in her pity party. She cried there for more than one hour. When she finally came out, I spoke to her and reminded her what Pastor Kech said. Pastor Kech said and I paraphrase: a woman believing God for the fruit of the womb ought to thank God whenever she sees her menstrual period. The fact that she is seeing her period is a guaranteed sign that she is fertile and capable of getting pregnant. No need to fret.

On one occasion, after yet another negative pregnancy test, the doctor recommended that I do a semen analysis and culture tests since there seemed to be no loose ends on the part of my wife. Good recommendation, but I was sceptical! Nevertheless, I did the tests and brought the result to the doctor: total sperm count 6M/ml (normal sperm count is 20 – 150M/ml), total motility 5%, and active directional nil – a case of oligospermia or low sperm count (in common parlance). The doctor said, “This is a very bad case” and I was placed on some drugs. We got the drugs and while heading home we talked and laughed as if nothing happened.

Now I was really taken aback at the result of the test against the backdrop of the pregnancy we achieved earlier. Suffice it to say that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all. I ingested the drugs for four months or thereabouts. When the course was completed and on the recommendation of the doctor, I went in for another semen analysis and culture tests. This result showed remarkable improvements with total sperm count at 66M/ml, total motility at 20%, and active directional was 5%.

As can be noted, the latter result though better than the former was inadequate from a medical perspective. For this reason, I was placed on yet another course of treatment to last for another four months or thereabout. Even this course of treatment was completed and for the third time, I went for same tests. The devil is a liar! Contrary to expectations, this result showed that total sperm count was 25M/ml, total motility of 15%, and active directional nil.

During this period, Pastor Kech was preaching one Sunday morning and she said by the Holy Ghost, “It takes only one sperm to fertilize an egg.” This statement hit me like a thunderbolt and I shook my head in appreciation. I knew it was for me. The Bible says that the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. With these results staring us in the face, our expectation of achieving pregnancy never abated. Each time my wife would see her period, she would tell me (in apparent disappointment), “It has come,” and I would say, “Oh thank God, this is the last you will see before you get pregnant.” Although, sometimes I said it mechanically.

By December 2016, we had been seeing the doctor for about a year and a half. Somehow at the inception of 2017, we just got fed up and wouldn’t go to see the doctor any longer. In the month of March 2017, 12th to be precise (on a Sunday morning here in church), my wife informed me that she had seen her period. My customary response was, “Oh thank God, this is the last you will see before you get pregnant.” In this same month of March, we agreed on another option of treatment. On April 1, we began the medication. Unknown to us something marvellous had taken place. Praise the Lord! By the middle of April, there was no menstrual period in sight, which expectedly would have appeared between 7th and 11th of April. A couple of days later my wife carried out a pregnancy test with the pregnancy test strips she had at home and the result was positive. Hallelujah! Now how can we possibly explain achieving pregnancy with such an awful semen analysis and culture investigations results, except that God is big in us? This breakthrough is totally divine. To Him alone be glory, honour, majesty, grandeur, splendour and magnificence. Hallelujah!

A word of encouragement for as many that are believing God for the fruit of the womb or in any other aspect of life. The grace of God by which we are testifying today has appeared to all men including you. Therefore, you are next on the line to testify. With hearts full of gratitude we want to say a big thank you to our dear pastors for the undiluted Word we are being taught in The Carpenters Church. God bless!