The Word Works And So Does Breaking Of Bread

Juliet A.

When we had our first son, he had a very rough skin with rashes all over his face that made me ashamed when in public. We applied all sorts of medicated creams. At this time we had not had a grasp of the knowledge of God’s Word and how it works. The following year we had our second son, at two days old he got infected through his navel and by exactly two weeks had a respiratory challenge, he couldn’t breathe properly. I rushed him to the hospital and the doctor asked me if in our family we had pneumonia or any asthmatic cases and I said to the doctor that my sister was asthmatic. He advised that we observe our son in that regard. The attack became regular and we had to always run to our FOG head who is a medical practitioner for help. She would pray and prescribe drugs which when taken will work temporarily.

One fateful day I was walking through my neighbourhood when I saw a child in front of a batcher house playing without clothes on, covered with dirt but with a very smooth skin. I thought to myself, “If this child could run around naked with smooth skin, something has to change in our situation.” A few days later, on a Saturday, my husband called me to watch Freshdew and Pastor Nkechi was talking about the Holy Communion. She shared a testimony of how she used to break bread with her children every morning before they went to school and how later even when she was not available; the children will do it on their own.

My husband and I decided to start breaking bread with our children before they went to school in the morning and we often tell them that they are geniuses and that they are ten times better than their equals. We made them understand that the covenant we, their parents, have in Christ assures us of sound mind, good health and many more, which also is their portion. From that time till date, the rashes gradually disappeared and our second son was healed from the regular asthmatic attacks.

Prior to this time, we had concerns about the performance of our eldest son in school. He was not able to read or write. However, within a space of two weeks after we started breaking bread, he could recognize and began to write the letters A to Z and even solve simple maths. Whenever the enemy tries its funny trick on their health we just declared Isaiah 53:5, asked the child to repeat it, and then broke bread. They will eventually become healed. I can’t remember when last we gave them medications or took them to the hospital.

The Word works and so does breaking of bread. I remember what Pastor Kech said in that message, and I paraphrase, “Sometimes during deliverance, some people vomit all sorts of things, these things were what the enemy used to possess and manipulate them. So also is the blood and flesh of Jesus represented by the bread and wine, when inside you can turn any circumstance around.” Only if you will believe God for your health, finances, marriage, jobs, whatever, God will come through for you

We want to use this opportunity to thank our pastors and to say we love you, Pastor, God has used you to bring about a change in our family. We couldn’t have imagined it was possible a few years back. We pray that God will continue to grant you strength and grace for this work He has committed into your hands.