The Creditor Slashed The Debt By 81.5%

Cedric O.

During one of the services Pastor Nkechi Ene taught on Breaking the Backbone of Debt, she gave a Word of knowledge that someone had had a huge part of their debt cancelled. Though I was busy with social media at that point, I immediately received the Word on behalf of my mom and I also had a leading to praise Him at a specific time throughout the week. I later spoke to my mom on the phone that evening concerning it and she also keyed into it since she was born again. Before the end of July, she was led to meet with her creditor to explain why she hadn’t paid up and was met with a great shock. The creditor slashed the debt by 81.5% and asked her to pay the rest when she had the money. God provided more jobs for my mom like she had never experienced throughout her stay in the state and by September, she was able to clear up all she owed. Praise be to Jesus!