Family Outreach Groups
SOFT Word Games
The Sense Of Family Touch (SOFT) Word Games is The Carpenter’s Church annual “Word Olympics,” held in the month of May. Beginning in 2012, it continues today as a quiz competition with questions drawn from messages preached in The Carpenter’s Church within specific years, selected Bible books, Bible trivia, and TCC general information. The whole essence of the SOFT Word Games is the furtherance of the development and maintenance of a high sense of family in the spirit of agape love, which happens to be the third limb of TCC’s threefold vision. It is an avenue to have fun, achieve intra and inter zonal and mega zonal bonding, and to be refreshed by studying backwards etc. Questions are not asked to check the cramming ability but the understanding of messages and the Word. Every year, the church endeavours to make improvements on the quality of the competition and competitors.

The teams are made up of the five mega zones in the church’s Family Outreach Group (FOG) system. These mega zones are: Productivity, Purpose, Power, Praise and Passion.

There are three stages in the Games: quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The five mega zones are pitted against each other through their respective teams. At the end of the quarter final stage, a mega zone is eliminated. The four remaining teams then proceed to the semi final where another team is dropped. The three remaining mega zones then go on to the finals to produce a winner.

The Games also feature audience participation, special cards which add, multiply and subtract teams’ scores. Not to talk of the prizes and gifts! Lots of gifts and prizes are won by the team members and those who are involved in the audience participation. The team of winners go home with juicy, jaw dropping prizes. The first and second runners up are also rewarded with remarkable gifts.

SOFT Word Games spiritual, very entertaining, and spiced with emotional ups and downs. It remains a formidable boost to the love-bond found in TCC. However, the most rewarding aspect of the Games are diverse testimonies of spiritual growth and development that comes as church folks listen to, read, study, meditate the Word of God.