Family Outreach Groups
The Family Group System in TCC is the avenue through which the third aspect of our three-fold vision is fulfilled. Meetings of subgroups of a church in people’s homes can be traced as far back as Biblical times.
(Acts 2:46-47).

However in TCC, the Family Outreach Group meetings are not meant to be another church service! Family Outreach Groups are smaller units within the larger local assembly, which increase interaction between TCC brothers and sisters. They are held in approved homes in an informal atmosphere with a balance of relaxation, encouragement, support, and edification.
The FOG System in TCC is structured into zones with several Family Outreach Groups clustered into a zone. Laity zonal coordinators supervise the zones and Assistant Pastors serve as a first point of pastoral contact for zones assigned to them within their mega zone.

For many, their FOG has become the only family they have ever known. The FOG members are a supportive presence for a member who has a wedding, birth, milestone celebration or death in their family. When a sense of family is maintained in the Family Outreach Groups, ultimately a sense of family is maintained in the growing local assembly.

The FOG also serves as points of contact for outreach and evangelism of the neighborhoods in which the FOG is located.