September 2018 Keeping By The Holy Ghost Prophecy
Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.)

Pastor Nkechi Ene

Thus says the Lord

“As you leave this place KEEP THE REVELATION for it is the revelation of your spiritual DNA you need to keep. I have done my part and sealed my DNA in your spirit. That is who you are. Born of me, just like me and kept by me.

“Now you must KEEP THE REVELATION by my SPIRIT. When nature and hereditary issues rise in lying waves against you, KEEP THE REVELATION. Stand firm in faith and SPEAK THE REVELATION. You have been grafted into Christ in a process that is CONTRARY TO NATURE. Man cannot reproduce that process. I have the copyright to that process. Only I can graft a man contrary to nature but that is the revelation. Contrary to natural production (lineal descent), contrary to native disposition and constitution. You are now partakers of MY NATURE.

“So I charge you this day,” says the Lord, “continue to SPEAK THE REVELATION and KEEP THE REVELATION BY MY SPIRIT. My goodness and my Zoë life flow out of the root that is Christ. All that is in my DNA flows out of your new root and support you. The root cannot supply what I do not have! The economy, the doctors, your friends may help you but they cannot support you. The root that is Christ supports you and my DNA defines you.” That is the revelation and we shall KEEP THAT REVELATION! Hallelujah!!!

“For the REVELATION is the deliverance that many still search for. Yet I have already delivered them. The REVELATION is the fence that many try to set up by themselves Yet I have already kept them. The REVELATION WILL KEEP YOU EVEN AS YOU KEEP IT. THE REVELATION WILL SPEAK FOR YOU EVEN AS YOU SPEAK IT. Your DNA is of ME!!! You are MINE AND LIKE ME. KEEP THAT REVELATION,” says the Spirit of God.