Seed Week 2018 [Day 4 — 5/07/2018]
Pastor Sola Akinwale

Pastor Sola Akinwale

I believe God wants us to be more conscious of His favour. While we were praying, I heard the Lord say to me that:

“My favour is like oil all over you. My favour is the garment that you put on. My favour is My glory all over you. And so why are you downcast when you have My favour? Why do you run from pillar to post? Why do you look for help as though there is no help for you in God? For there is favour upon you,” says God. “The sceptre of favour has been stretched out towards you. And even in this hour, in this season, for those who know the purpose of what I am doing this moment, My favour will abound to them in greater and increasing measures,” says God. “So, be expectant, be expectant. When you wake up in the morning declare ‘This is the day the Lord has made, His favour rests upon me. His favour is upon me. Yeah, His good hand is upon me, and men will grant unto me according to that hand upon me.’ So, expect My favour,” says God. “Expect My favour. Don’t expect business as usual. Don’t expect the lot of other men to be your lot for they are not in covenant with Me,” says God, “But you are in covenant with Me, and as my righteousness, I have put My favour upon you. So, expect to go to closed doors and expect them to open. Expect to go to hearts that are locked and hands that are tied and expect them to be opened and released. For My favour is upon you,” says God. “Expect My favour, rejoice in it, be glad in it, for My favour rests upon you and with My favour, I will do in you, with you and through you the impossible. What I have not done with others, I will do with you for My favour rests upon you. My favour rests upon you. So, rejoice and be glad, church, My favour rests upon you.” Oh yes.

And I hear God say, “And even when they told you No! And you have gone, don’t think I am done yet, don’t think that I am done yet. Yes, the fact that I sent you somewhere and they told you no, does not mean that it is no; does not mean that I didn’t send you. They may not know yet, but I know that a door has been open for you there. And so, you go, and you be bold to speak, be bold to expect, do not be intimidated by their faces,” says God, “for My favour is upon you. And while you are gone, My hand will work upon them. My hand that is upon you for good will work upon them and the same people who said no will say yes. The same people who said you should go away will call you and tell you to come quickly, that if it is not you, it will not be done by any other, because My favour is upon you. So, prepare yourself,” says God. “Prepare yourself. As a good steward, prepare yourself,” says God, “and I will do with you what has not been done with others. For where there is a casting down, for My people, there will be a lifting up. For My favour has risen upon you and My goodness is upon you. My good hand rests upon you.”

Lift your hands and receive His Word. Thank You, Father. Rejoice in His favour. The fact that the employer said, “No, you will not get that promotion,” does not matter because that same employer will give you that promotion. The fact that they told you to go doesn’t mean it is over, for God is working on that case. Enjoy His favour; expect His favour. Expect His favour and you will experience His favour, church. Hallelujah! Lift your hands and give Him praise. Lift your hand and receive His Word. Receive His Word. His favour is the oil upon you, the garment you wear, His glory upon you, His glow upon you, shining upon you because you are His righteousness. Hallelujah!

Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.)
Can you lift your hands, please? Lift your hands. Receive the Word of the Lord; receive the Word of the Lord. Favour is like oil upon you; bathe in favour. Favour has gone before you, favour is changing minds of kings for you, favour is yours so be bold and ask for it. Receive the Word of the Lord. Receiving the Word will change your life completely. Things will begin to happen even from tonight. There is no distance in the Spirit, when God has spoken there is no more time lack. From tonight things will begin to happen. There’s been a shift in your favour line, eh, a shift in your favour line. There and it is in your favour. This is a powerful word, receive it, receive it receive it. There’s a shift. For the ministry, there’s a shift, it’s not business as usual. For your family, there’s a shift. For your business, you’re on your last hope, there’s a shift and the shift has happened right now. Give Him praise, please.

Have these services not been awesome? We’re going to take our offerings but before we do that, with all we’ve heard from God, we don’t want any barriers, we don’t want any obstacles, we don’t want to come and feed on the prophetic word and the barriers and the obstacles are still there. Who wants that? No. There is change. Hallelujah! There is change. You’re not the same person; all your fears are gone. Those fears that rise up when you see the offering envelope or when you have to give, they are gone. I said they are gone.

There’s a shift tonight. You see, until you cross that line, you can’t experience the expansion, the increase, the reproduction, and the multiplication. You’ll continue to live in a fool’s paradise, and that’s not for any believer. There’s so much favour. You want to drink it, you want to engage it, but you can’t do that with fear.

Jesus told us that the illumination is here. This is a week of illumination and light and that’s what we’ve believed Him for. You will never be the same.

You want to give, you think of something you have to do for yourself, the fear of lack kicks in and completely wipes away, into darkness, the revelation you think you know, which is seed yields harvest and it is seed sown, and this cycle continues for years and for decades. “Will I have enough? Will I meet my needs? There is no way if I give I will not reduce.” That’s what lack is saying. If you give, you will not have enough. That’s a lie of Satan, and the lie has kept so many Christians in the church bound and, therefore, kept the kingdom of God below where God expects us to be.

There is the one that scatters and yet increases. Now bear this in mind, the reason you’re not scattering is because you are avoiding poverty, but when you don’t scatter you end in poverty. The reason you’re not scattering may be because you gave last month, and you don’t want your money to finish. No. Once you start withholding, you actually end up in poverty. It has to be a personal revelation you seek after. I love the word “scatter,” “scatter.”
Money is just a tool. There is no poverty in this place. We are bathed in the favour of God. We have the wisdom of God and we know what to do. God has taken this church to a new level, we are grown up, we won’t move with the crowd of Christians or even the crowd of Christians in TCC. We will take sure steps and know those steps for ourselves.

A sister gave me a cheque last week, its tied to something. I had believed with her, that thing has happened. The cheque was for a million Naira, I don’t get a million Naira every day. I was so excited at all the wonderful things I was going to do. She told me she had saved that money for her vacation all year, but she heard God and I am glad she did because she will testify. And I said, “Yeah, that means I can add this to our own savings to our vacation.” Isn’t God interesting? My tithe is 20%; my offering is 20% of everything I get; anything, that’s my own place right now. So, I have six hundred thousand left. Then, God asked me to give out four hundred thousand and I did that, and I had two hundred thousand left. I realized I needed some of that. In fact, I needed more than that for my seed week offerings. So, is the one million Naira gone? Don’t answer quickly. I don’t get a million Naira every day, I don’t think I’ve gotten a cheque like that in a year or two, but in three days, it is gone. I have scattered; I have dispersed. And immediately I heard of that four hundred thousand Naira need, I knew that was why I got that money. So, my account went all the way down to a hundred and something thousand again. Has it gone?

There is he that scatters, there is he that disperses and yet, in spite of math that tells you if you minus you’ll have less, the Bible says in spite of that (kill the math you learnt in school) when you scatter you increase. It is either revelation or it is not. When you keep back more than is necessary, it takes you straight to where you’re afraid of going to, which is poverty and lack.

I challenge you to switch the light on. I challenge you to go into the Word and get a personal revelation and you’ll experience the oil of favour. You’ll swim in it like we have been told. You’ll be the one with the glory light on the head in the darkness. You’ll be the one whose house is standing in the storm. We won’t be an “Amen, Amen” church. We’ll put on the light; we’ll put on the light.

Say after me, “There is, and I am he, that scatters, and yet increases. I am not he that withholds more than is necessary and, so, I will never see lack or poverty in the name of Jesus. What I will see is the goodness of God in the land of the living. What I will see is reproduction. What I will see is creation, what I will see is multiplication, what I will see is abundance. That is what I see, that is what I receive even as I scatter. I scatter, and I scatter, and I scatter, and I scatter, in the name of Jesus, Amen.”