Seed Week 2018 [Day 3 — 4/07/2018]
Pastor Nkechi Ene

“I looked into the horizon and I saw darkness, and I said, ‘Lord what is this?’ And the Word of the Lord came to me and I noticed that in the darkness, I saw that there were people stumbling and I said, ‘Lord, those must be unbelievers.’ As I looked further, deeper, I saw that there were other people with a light on their foreheads, people with a glow emanating from their foreheads and I concluded and said, ‘Lord, certainly, those who are stumbling are the unbelievers and those with the light on their forehead are your people.’ But the Spirit of the Lord said, ‘No, they are all My people. Some are stumbling in the darkness and some have the light of My glory showing them the way. My wisdom is the difference.’ Hearing and doing My Word is the difference.

While I was still pondering on that, I saw two brothers in a pit. I understood they were two brothers in a pit and then I understood again that one was still in the pit, but the other was now in the palace. And I said, ‘Lord what is this?’ He said, ‘My wisdom is the difference; with My wisdom, your story can change, with My wisdom your story will change, with My wisdom, one day you may be in the pit, the next day you will be in the palace; with My wisdom, one day you may be a prisoner, the next day you’ll be a prime minister. My wisdom is the principal thing.

Then I looked up, and there was a storm on the horizon, a great and mighty storm; but, lo and behold, some houses were falling and some were standing strong. Some people were walking on water, while others were sinking. Again, I understood they were all God’s people, but His wisdom made the difference. Those whose houses were standing had invested in His wisdom, those who were walking on water had His wisdom, to hear and to do, and the understanding became clearer and clearer and clearer.

And then I saw a long queue. People were lined up with cups to seek what they could get, for there was lack everywhere and the queue was full of My people. They had cups, hoping to leave with a cup of grain. They were ready to give up anything just to get grain for the day, but then, on the other side of the street, there was another queue and that queue went right up to the gate of one of My son’s house and while his brethren were on the other queue, hoping to get some grain, he was at his gate distributing grain, giving more than enough to anyone who came. My wisdom is the difference, My wisdom makes the difference.

Choose My wisdom; let it no longer be an abstract thing for you. My wisdom releases My glory; choose My wisdom. When you hear, do and begin to walk in My wisdom. My wisdom is the insurance you need for tomorrow.

When I blessed you with all spiritual blessings, My wisdom was included. When I made all grace abound towards you, My wisdom is included. Choose wisdom and you’ll be the one walking through the darkness with the light of My glory. You’ll be the one moving from the pit to the palace, from being a prisoner all these years and realizing that it was so simple to become a prime minister, just by My wisdom. Choose My wisdom and you will have abundance even more than Solomon did and you shall be a distributor in these last days. People will come to you and find out about Me and be fed as well. Choose My wisdom, choose My wisdom.

For long in the church of Jesus Christ, My wisdom has been the forgotten gift. The forgotten gift, the ignored benefit. Remember My wisdom. Nations are in crises because the church forgot My wisdom. Crises can be prevented when the church remembers My wisdom. ‘No longer should My wisdom be the forgotten gift or the ignored benefit,’ says the Spirit of God, for in these last days, the sign of a matured church will be My wisdom. It will not be how many miracles take place, it will be the expression of My wisdom, for where My wisdom is expressed, My glory is seen.

My glory is seen and in My glory, there are miracles, in My glory, there is provision, in my glory, there is more than enough, but choose My wisdom. When you hear, do, for that is what makes the difference in these last days. Be set apart by My wisdom, be known in your community by My wisdom, be known in your home by My wisdom. Don’t be the one who talks anyhow and acts anyhow, let My Spirit guide you and separate you, by My wisdom. The wisdom of Solomon has nothing to do with the age of Methuselah. Seek wisdom even as a five-year-old; seek wisdom as a thirty-year-old. Seek wisdom as a fifty-year-old; seek wisdom even as a seventy-year-old for that will identify the mature church in these last days.

This is a mature church. ‘Because you honour My wisdom because you have always honoured My wisdom, this ministry is a city that is set on a hill. Because you’ve always honoured My wisdom, this ministry is a distribution centre. Because you’ve always honoured My wisdom, princes and prime ministers are raised from this ministry irrespective of the pits they’re coming from. Because you’ve always honoured My wisdom, princes, prime ministers, owners of palaces are raised right from here. My wisdom will transform you, My wisdom will transfigure you, My wisdom will turn things around for you completely,’ says the Spirit of God.

Lift your hands and praise Him. I want to see the hands of wise people, people who walk in God’s wisdom, people who are separated and identified by God’s wisdom. Can I see your hands? Praise Him. I can’t hear you praise Him. No longer should it be the forgotten gift, no longer the ignored benefit.

We receive wisdom, Lord. We have prayed, and You have answered. The wisdom that will change our lives completely, we receive wisdom. We will hear You and we will do what You say. What we hear You say, we will say, and it is what You will have us say, we will say. Where You’ll have us go, exactly at the time You want us there, we will be there. Who You’ll have us encounter, no longer shall we go by trial and error. We are led by Your Spirit and led by Your wisdom. What other men call coincidences, will be divine leading by You. Somebody who believes that give a shout!

Natural men walk by coincidences, we walk on point by God’s wisdom, on target always, on point always! For the days are short, we don’t have time for trial and error all over the place. We get up in the morning, we get up in His wisdom. We turn left, we turn left in His wisdom. We turn right, we turn right in His wisdom. When the boss walks into the office, we know what to say in His wisdom, and we know when to be silent. That’s the privilege we have in Him. Don’t ever take His wisdom for granted.

I see the glory light on all your foreheads; the glory light is there. None here stumbles in darkness, none stumbles in darkness, for the glory of the Word is resident upon you and within you and that is the wisdom of God. The glory of the undiluted Word is upon you, guides you, leads you, protects you, nourishes you, increases you, the glory of the living Word.