Seed Week 2017 [Day 2 — 27/06/2017]
Pastor Nkechi Ene

I hear in my spirit, “I am the God of all answers.” Hey!! He is the God with all the answers, even before you ask the question. All wisdom, all knowledge, all strategy, all understanding belong to the God with all the answers. God with all the answers. Your answers are not the answers of men. Your answers are not the answers of science. Your answers are not the answers of the economy. Your answers are strange answers, but they are the answers that take us to the next level. God of all the answers. Your answers don’t follow the path of science. Strange answers; even before we ask the questions. We trust You, Lord.

Who determines how far your seed can go? Who determines how much impact your seed can have? Our seed is powerful; our seed is impactful; our seed is the solution to our need; our seed guarantees our tomorrow; but who determines just how far your seed can go? Who determines how much impact your seed can truly have? Surely it must be our big God, surely it must be our big God, and surely it must be this God who has all the answers. He must be the One who determines how far, how much of an impact our seed can have. Then the Word of God came to me and I was reminded me of the story of Elisha when he was on his sick bed.

The Bible says and the king at that time, Jehoash, I believe he was called, ran to Elisha and he began to ask him questions. I am sure in the king’s mind Elisha was leaving because the Bible says Elisha died of that sickness. What is going to happen to us? What is our future? That is what some of us ask, “Lord, what is my future? You said my future is in my seed that must solve the problem.” Elisha said to him, “You take your arrows.” The Bible says, “Take some arrows.” Elisha did not tell him how many arrows to take, and he took some arrows. The Lord asked me a question. He says, “Elisha performed many miracles; couldn’t he just have waved his hands over the king and told him, “I declare to you going forward that problem will forever be solved.” That is what many in the body of Christ want today. They want a man of God who will come and wave his hands and say, “I declared to you the problem is solved.” However, Elisha told him, “Take some arrows.” He took the arrows and he shot one. Again, the Lord asked me a question: “Why didn’t he shoot two or three or four? Elisha didn’t tell him how many to shoot.” After he shot one, I believe that the man of God shows him another chance. He says, “Okay. Take your arrows,” and he struck the ground with it. Who determines how far your seed will go? Who determines what impact your seed will have?

The man of God watched the king. He hit one once, twice, and three times, and he stopped. The prophet of God was upset; he was angry. “Why did you stop after three times? Did I tell you to stop? Why did you not strike a fourth time, and fifth time, and a sixth time.” How would he have known when to stop? When the Lord would have told him, “Stop”? This is what goes home with me.

The man of God said, “This problem could have been solved to the end if you struck six times or more.” It means he solved the problem half way. Who determines the impact of your seed? Who determines how far your seed would go? Surely it must be our big God. Is it? Surely it must be the God of all answers. Is He the One who determines? I throw this question to you this evening by the Spirit of the Lord. Who determines? Will you shoot once or will you keep shooting? Will you sow once, or will you keep sowing? Will you strike once, twice, three times, and sit back and celebrate that you have sown three times or will you keep sowing? Will you keep striking? Will you keep shooting? Church, will you keep believing? “For there is no limit to what I can do,” says God. You know that. So, why do we experience limitations in our walk with Him? It is because we determine how far our seed can go. We determine, by our faith, how much impact our seed can have. We determine whether the solution will be experienced to the end. Do you therefore, buy the answer with your seed? God forbid! For the answer has already been provided in the sacrifice of Jesus. However, by your faith, who determines? You do, Church. You do, my brother; you do, my sister.

So, the Word of the Lord to you this evening is keep shooting! Keep sowing! Keep striking! “Ah! But I have sown towards this particular situation. Ah! I have been sowing for the past five years. I have been sowing.” Keep sowing! “I have been confessing.” Keep confessing. “I have been believing.” Keep believing. You determine how many arrows you take. The man of God told him, “Take some arrows.” He determined how many he took; he determined how many he shot, he determined how any times he struck. Then what he determined, determined the end result.

The man of God was upset, and said, “Why did you stop? Why did you give up?” You didn’t take it to the end.” Say, “I determine, I determine how far the power in my seed goes, I determine. By my faith, I determine, and so I will keep shooting.” Say it, “I will keep shooting. I will keep striking. I will keep shooting, I will keep striking, and I will keep sowing. I will not tire of believing. I will not tire of declaring. I will not tire of speaking. I will not tire of sowing; I will not tire of shooting. I will not tire of striking. I will continue, and continue, and continue to the very end.”

I love how big God is; I love how powerful He is. However, I am grateful that He is the God of all answers. I am grateful that He tells me what I can do. Don’t forget when the king took the arrow with his hand. The Bible says the man of God placed his hand on him. Your faith is nothing without God.

So, I am not saying you go off and do this by yourself. The man of God did not take the arrow and shoot for him. Notice all the things the man of God did not do. He didn’t tell him how many arrows to take. He did not shoot the arrows for him. He did not tell him how many times to strike. He did not strike for him, but whatever he was ready to do, he placed his hand upon it. That is the God who multiplies your seed. That is the God who backs your actions with His power. However, you have to keep shooting. You have to keep striking. You have to keep sowing. You have to keep believing. You have to keep confessing.

We, in The Carpenter’s Church, Pastor Sola, we cannot stop sowing, we cannot stop sowing. God will open our eyes and show us ministries; we need to keep sowing. We cannot pat ourselves at the back and say we have sown enough. We have reached enough people. “Let the harvest come in full.” It will never come in full if you stop sowing. It will never come in full if you don’t keep striking. And I believe if that king sat there and kept striking till Elisha died, Elisha won’t have stopped him because when you understand how big God is, you begin to fathom how big what He has in store for you is.

Why would Elisha stop him? He would have stayed there striking until the man of God passed on. We will never stop sowing when the building is finished, and all our buildings are finished; we will keep sowing because eye has not seen what God has in store for TCC. We will be the ones who will determine when it is over. We will keep sowing, we will keep striking, and we will keep believing, we will keep giving, and we will keep receiving.

Take the limits off, Lord; take them off. Take them off, tell Him, take them off. Take them off Lord, just take them off. Stop patting yourself on the back; keep striking. Stop celebrating your last seed; sow another one. Stop congratulating yourself on your last achievement; there is more ahead. The big God has His big hand, but it is on your hand, your hand has to be on the arrow. Your hand has to hold the arrow and strike and then the big God will put His big hand on it.

Keep sowing, keep shooting, keep striking, keep speaking, keep believing. TCC, as a church I pledge to you, as your pastor, that we will keep shooting on target and on point. We will keep striking; we will not stop. We know He will never tell us to stop. That is awesome for me. God will never tell us to stop. God will never tell us to stop. God will never tell us to stop because it is like God coming to where we are fetching water and turning off the tap. When you stop in your giving, you eventually stop in your receiving. So, we will keep sowing, we will keep shooting. We won’t look to our left, we won’t look to our right, and we won’t judge our giving by that of another, or compare our giving with that of what we have done in the past. “Well, things are hard now, so, I remember when I sowed this amount. God hold that one first; You understand that things are hard.” Keep shooting, Church; keep striking. “You determine whether you will take it to the end or you determine if you will cut it short,” says the grace of God.

Receive His Word. It is not milk, but it is His Word. Receive it with joy and gladness. Look at your hands; His hand is on them. There is power in your hands because His hands are on your hands. Look at your seed, there is power in it. Release by your faith, much more power than you realize, reaching further into generations ahead more than you realize reaching deeper into the very depth of your need, more than you can see and that power, how much of it is realized is all in your hands. So, keep striking, keep shooting, keep sowing, keep believing.