Nothing Happened To The Car Or Me


On Sunday, 24th of April 2016, I was on my way back from a friend’s occasion at about 9:00 p.m. that evening when I ran into a suspended electric pole along Chinda Road, which had fallen as a result of the heavy rainfall during the day. The echo was so loud that people in the neighborhood came out en masse to see who must have been injured or even died in the accident as usual, but to their g. . . Read More



God’s Mercy And Grace Didn’t Allow Me Slip Away


On Sunday, 22nd of May 2016, which happened to be the final day of the SOFT Games (the annual Word Competition in TCC), and therefore a day no one would want to miss service for any reason. I decided to wake up early to finish my house chores because I did not finish them, due to the outreach we went for at the Port Harcourt Prisons the previous day. Also, I was on duty that Sunday.

Tha. . . Read More



Hallelujah, The Word Works!


A particular month I had an unusual flow of blood during my monthly cycle, coupled with pains, which lasted for several days. I prayed and broke bread several times, yet I didn't see any change. At a point, I decided to seek medical help to really know what I was battling with, but I was disappointed when the consultant couldn't tell me what the problem was, and that drugs may only take the pains . . . Read More



Miracles Are Real Indeed


I am sharing this testimony on behalf of a friend who God healed from a lump in her breast: Three years ago, I went for a surgery to remove a lump found in my breast. It was removed successfully and it tested negative to cancer. Same thing happened to my mom and sister, and theirs were removed successfully and also tested negative to cancer. A year later, my mom fell ill and I kept trusting God t. . . Read More



God Miraculously Healed Me Of An Ear Impairment


God miraculously healed me of an ear impairment I had suffered for 27 years, during the Testimony Service on Sunday 3rd June 2017. I was six years old when a stone like black and reddish substance, which I was playing with entered into my left ear. All efforts to bring it out proved abortive, and since that day I could only make use of my right ear. This made life miserable for me as it became. . . Read More



I Know It Was God At Work


While returning from my shop on the 8th of May 2017 at about 7:00 p.m., I was almost at the entrance gate to the estate where I live when ‎suddenly I saw people running inside the estate. Initially, I was scared but someone told me to run inside that my apartment was on fire. On getting to my apartment, I saw people with buckets of water and fire extinguishers working to put off the fire thro. . . Read More



God Healed Me Totally


In January 2017, I started feeling an unexplainable pain, which ran through my chest, back, waist and sometimes throat. It felt like there was a small string connecting these body parts, so when I bend down, I couldn't get up right. I would gradually stand while experiencing the excruciating pains. I started thinking about what it would be like when I start having kids, since I couldn't stand up n. . . Read More



He Alone Has Delivered My Family


Shortly after our wedding and my wife moved into my house, I had this consciousness that our home and family is under a better covenant, and that nothing evil would come into our home. During the first week of June 2017, I had to copy out the soft copies of Unveiling Psalm 91 (Parts 1-8) into a flash drive and we played these messages nonstop in our bedroom. The word about “relating to God based. . . Read More



All Our Expectations And Much More Were Met


When applying for a school for our son, most of the school offers we got for our son did not meet our expectations. So, we decided to trust God for it while waiting. Before now, we had wanted to buy a fridge to replace a faulty one but we discovered that a sister couldn't pay her school fees. Immediately, we felt led to pay the fees for the sister instead of buying the fridge, so, we made the tran. . . Read More



I Am Whole Again, Like A Newborn Baby


I had a sneezing problem for over twelve years now and it severely affected one of my sense organs. I lost my sense of smell, and this in turn affected my sense of taste as well. I could not perceive anything around me neither could I distinguish the taste of anything that goes into my mouth. For me, everything tasted the same. Breathing was a serious challenge because I consciously had to breathe. . . Read More