Words are not enough to thank the Father for this great and wonderful miracle

Ehiremen F

During a recent testimony service, someone testified on how they miraculously got a car. I just spoke in tongues and declared that mine was next, and totally forgot about it. I Listened to Pastor Nkechi’s series Another Economic System based on Isaiah 55:1-6, and it made me to continually confess that I will buy without money and without price. I took it further, so I always read it out loud . . . Read More



I continued to declare the Word for my healing


It all started suddenly with no sign of its arrival, exactly sixteen days after a recent past menstrual cycle, I started bleeding. I was so sad, I worshiped God and kept meditating and declaring the Word of God from Isaiah 53:5, Proverbs 23:18. God then gave me a Word that the bleeding was a mirage. While thinking of visiting a gynecologist, I decided to trust God and continued meditating on my. . . Read More



God Is Indeed Extremely Big In Me!


I developed partial hearing since my high school years in the late 90s, as a result of pneumonia. I barely hear when there is noise and would make one repeat a sentence over and over again. I was called semi-deaf and "Ehen" since I used the vernacular when I don't hear a person speaking clearly. Sometime in 2003, a family friend took me to the hospital for check-up and we were told it was cold. . . Read More