I Am Healed

Dr. Adie O.

I suffered from acute asthmatic attacks for many years. There were times it was so bad that I couldn't do much for myself. Even taking a bath was like a nightmare. Through it all, I stayed on the Word, constantly listening to Broken Wall Healing School Tapes by Pastor Charles and also taking communion.

In May, 2007, I met Pastor Nkechi with a seed to release my faith and she agreed w. . . Read More



My Source Is God

Uduak E.

My wife lost her job one week before our wedding. In January 2006, I also lost my job. The Sunday of that week I was in Church and Pastor Charles preached a message on “The Triumphant Will”. Before this time my former boss who terminated my appointment had called some of my friends and told them that if I apologized to him, he will take me back. His reason was that I took a vacation. . . Read More



Now I Am Healed

Chinyere O.

Some time ago, I went to my village for a burial ceremony. I was offered garden egg, groundnut and fanta after which I had distended abdominal pain. I took drugs but nothing happened. The next day there was still no improvement. That afternoon, my Dad came to the village and took me back home. Still there was no change. My mother said that if there was no change by the next morning, I would be . . . Read More



No More Pain

Gloria A.

I had this serious nagging pain after I had my baby. I couldn't do any normal movements. Choir steps were great steps of faith. For one year I was in pain. I kept speaking words of healing and my healing came. It was during a Broken Wall Healing School class and Pastor Charles was talking about hearing the sound. Immediately I heard almost audibly, “do what you couldn't do before.. . . Read More



Full Term Pregnancy

Chineye and Dijana A.

20 weeks into the pregnancy during a routine antenatal check, the doctor noticed my wife's cervix was open, a very delicate situation. In fact, the doctor was surprised that the baby was still in tact. A minor operation was done which involved tying the cervix with a twine which the doctor promised will be removed at 37 weeks and was actually done.

At about 29 weeks into the pregnancy du. . . Read More



Healed of Asthma

Tracy L.

When I was two years old I got infected with measles. It got so bad that it affected my internal organs especially my lungs. I developed pneumonia and it became so serious, I became asthmatic.

Life was never the same again: I spent a great deal of my time in the Hospital; doctors and nurses were my good friends; and ventolin inhaler became my companion. At the age of twelve the doctors. . . Read More



Standing On The Word

Chukwuka E.

In April 2008, I started passing urine very frequently and feeling more tired than usual. My parents took me to the hospital where my blood sugar level was tested. The result was 7.2mmol/l which was high. My mother is a Consultant Paediatrician but she asked me what scriptures I knew on healing and when I told her, we made a faith confession based on the scriptures (Matthew 8:17, Isaiah 53. . . Read More



Faithful To His Word

Felix O.

Some time ago, one of my prayer points was to be able to attain the highest certification in my profession (IT Service Management). The requirement for this was attending 2 courses which were rarely held in Nigeria, taking 2 three hour exams over 2 days. The total cost of the courses and exams was £5,000 (₦1.2m). I believed God for the money. As God would have it, I found out that . . . Read More



No Longer Bound

Queen M

I lost my mum at the age of sixteen. Even though, I was the last of nine siblings, I still felt lost and lonely. So I crawled into a shell where I met with masturbation. Gradually, I fell deep into it to the point that I could masturbate five times a week. This continued for years and into my adulthood. Even after I had received Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, I thought I had to go for a s. . . Read More



An Even Better Plan

Julius P

I am the youngest of my mother's four children. Each time she was pregnant, she had to deal with high blood pressure, which usually normalized after childbirth. I was born a day after her 30th birthday to so much joy and excitement. However, after I was born, her blood pressure never normalized, and she has been on a daily cocktail of medications ever since. She had spent the past twenty-five p. . . Read More