God Changed My Story For Good

Tochukwu R. O.

My testimony is all about my undergraduate studies and the amazing grace God granted me during my undergraduate studies.

It all started in 2013 when I got admission into the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) to study Mathematics and Statistics after writing several JAMB and post UTME examinations in various universities. I had so many challenges when I gained admission into the Univ. . . Read More



Our God Never Forsakes His Children

Ngozi Z. A.

In January 2017 and due to the financial difficulty we were experiencing, we became very concerned about the choice of secondary school for our first son, Okechukwu, who was in primary six then. One morning as we spoke with him, he said to us that he is ready to write as many entrances as we can afford but that he will not go to a day school. We knew we had to trust God for his desire to come t. . . Read More



God Set Me Free From An Addiction To Pornography

Angela M.

I testify about how God set me free from an addiction to pornography. I can’t remember the exact year I started seeing pornography but it’s been years and it has always eaten me up with feelings of guilt, depression, unworthiness, feelings of being unclean and low self-esteem. It also robbed me of my relationship with God. I’d always go back to ask for forgiveness and promise God that I w. . . Read More



God Is Truly A Father Who Provides For Us

Nelson O.

Last year we began believing God for our rent and a change of accommodation. So, He provided the rent first but the challenge of getting a new location and the type of house we wanted became an issue for us. So many houses were presented to us - the good, the bad and the ugly but none satisfied us both, especially my wife, so we put the search on hold.

Early in December while walking do. . . Read More



I Pursued, Overtook And Recovered What The Enemy Thought He Had Stolen From Me

Wegwu H.

During one of the Olympic Games, I was watching the proceedings between 7 and 8 00 p.m. when my wife and children drove back home. My wife came to the sitting room to share some experiences she encountered with me. Suddenly, two men walked into the room, greeted us and declared that they were armed robbers. One took my wife aside and demanded the keys to the car she had just returned with. The . . . Read More



God Has Only Just Begun To Bless Me With Great Harvests

Dormene M.

On the 11th of October 2011, I got a fixed term contract with my present company after about ten months without a job. Getting the job was a miracle as the circumstances surrounding how I got the job was divinely orchestrated by God. I did not just get any job, I got a job that I cherished because I enjoyed what I was doing, it was related to my field of study and I got a very supportive boss w. . . Read More



I Have Been Completely Made Whole

Amaka N.

For several years, stubborn and severe back pain, vaginal discharge and skin rashes have tormented me daily that I had almost accepted the lie of the devil that I will live with the diseases for the rest of my life. I had taken several medications and treatments for these diseases, all to no avail. So, I decided to stop taking the drugs and focus of the healing Word of God. This led me to going to. . . Read More



I Am So Overwhelmed By God’s Compassion

Blessing I.

In the compound where I live, I am known to be a “Jesus babe” (a Christian) as I always make my boast of who I am in Christ ceaselessly and will not let anyone pass me by without asking with a contagious smile, “Are you born again?” and will lead them to Christ at the slightest opportunity. I have also come to discover that these fruits (godly traits) in me attracted many people and leave . . . Read More



God Went Ahead Of Us To Stop My Car From Hitting The Tanker


I came back from a journey on Tuesday, 28th November 2017, the second day of our Hallelujah Week, and my wife asked me to pick our daughter from school. After picking my daughter from school, I drove to my wife’s office, but instead of driving into the office premises, I parked my car across the road and waited for my wife to come and pick her from the car, so that I could go home to rest for a . . . Read More



The Goodness Of God Is In Me


I came into the then Royal Evangel Church (now The Carpenter’s Church) on invitation by my brother, Bro. Sam Daniels. I came as a bachelor with a Bachelor’s Degree, an applicant squatting with an uncle and friends in their one-room apartment. I also had to trek to church. I was an average citizen but my persistence and steadfastness in the things of God and the knowledge acquired from the pulp. . . Read More