This Breakthrough Is Totally Divine

Daiyi M.

My wife and I got married on November 10, 2012. Though I got married slightly late, I wasn’t in haste bringing forth children into the scene. I wanted to have some good time together with my wife, but she thought differently.

On December 18, 2013, my wife sought medical attention occasioned by a terrible stomachache. The culprit was found to be uterine fibroids. Sometime later, my wif. . . Read More



I Want To Thank God For Honouring My Faith And Exceeding My Expectations

Caleb A.

I started attending The Carpenter’s Church fully in 2014, and in 2015 I made my first budget pledge during the budget reading service. Unfortunately, I didn’t fulfil 1 kobo of the pledge and felt really bad about it. My thriving network marketing business had taken a deep nose dive as the foreign exchange rates went out of control that year, and income kept dropping every single month. At t. . . Read More



I Have Been Made Whole

Nwaokoro C.C.

My first menstrual circle as a teenager was accompanied by excruciating pain and was an unpleasant experience. So, once it is approaching, I will start crying because I knew what I was about to face. I would go through pains nonstop; I will vomit, purge, and not eat anything for those days until my period ended. I had been given all manner of native medicines, which were supposed to act as pain. . . Read More



God Has Already Restored My Health, Joy, Emotions, Weight, Appetite, Physical Strength And All The Debit Alerts

Theo E.

January 19, 2017, I noticed from my medical report that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) value was 47.60 UG/L, which was higher than the normal value range of 0.01-3.5 ug/l. In February 2017, I visited Primus Hospital Abuja where the PSA test was repeated and the result shows higher value of 25ug/l. The urologist advised that I do a biopsy test, which I did and the result of the biopsy showed. . . Read More



The Word Works And So Does Breaking Of Bread

Juliet A.

When we had our first son, he had a very rough skin with rashes all over his face that made me ashamed when in public. We applied all sorts of medicated creams. At this time we had not had a grasp of the knowledge of God’s Word and how it works. The following year we had our second son, at two days old he got infected through his navel and by exactly two weeks had a respiratory challenge, he . . . Read More



I Found Out That I Could Hear Clearly

Emmanuel A.

I developed partial hearing since my high school years in the late 90s, as a result of pneumonia. I barely hear when there is noise and would make anyone who spoke to me repeat a sentence over and over again. I was called semi-deaf and, "Ehen" since I used this vernacular expression whenever could not hear the person speaking clearly. Sometime in 2003, a family friend took me to the hospital fo. . . Read More



We Thank God For Sustaining And Reviving Our Mom

Chidirimunma I.E.

On Tuesday, 6th February 2018, I got a call from my uncle's wife who stays in my parents' house, and she told me that my mom wasn't feeling well. She said my mom had started feeling weak the previous day and as she was speaking to me, they were trying to feed her, as she hadn't eaten much that day. She also mentioned she had got someone to check her blood pressure. She sounded really alarmed. Read More



The Creditor Slashed The Debt By 81.5%

Cedric O.

During one of the services Pastor Nkechi Ene taught on Breaking the Backbone of Debt, she gave a Word of knowledge that someone had had a huge part of their debt cancelled. Though I was busy with social media at that point, I immediately received the Word on behalf of my mom and I also had a leading to praise Him at a specific time throughout the week. I later spoke to my mom on the phone that . . . Read More



The Robbers Did Not Even Touch Me

Stephen O.

Discovering Treasures was truly a meeting of Heaven on earth for my family and me. Precisely on the Thursday Night before the program, I had a strange encounter with a woman in my dream. In the dream, the demonic woman was trying to stop me from gaining entrance into somewhere and I was praying in tongues and calling on the name of Jesus in my attempt to cast her off. I was praying so intensely. . . Read More



A Testimony Of Healing And Miraculous Deliverance From Debt

Samuel D. A

I have known and watched Pastor Nkechi Ene on Freshdew broadcast for a very long time, even as a young boy. My whole family so loved Freshdew, which showed on Rivers State Television (RSTV) every Saturday morning, that we nicknamed Pastor Nkechi “Our TV Pastor.” The clarity and real-life application of God’s Word by Pastor Nkechi as we watched her on Television was actually what baffled m. . . Read More