I Left Service That Day Totally And Completely Healed

Augustine G.

Before Bursting Your Presses, our annual Thanksgiving Service of the year 2017, at about 10:30 p.m. as I was getting ready to go to bed, I felt a strange presence and immediately, I started feeling very weak. I tried to understand what was happening to me, but I could not. So, I called a friend and we prayed together. Almost immediately, with my supernatural eyes, I saw a lady appear in my room. I didn’t see the face as all I saw was a dark being, but I knew it was a lady. She said, “You will not walk again.” Immediately, my legs started shaking from my knee down, walking became difficult, and I was about to go to the toilet to ease myself. At that moment, I made a decision to ignore the voice and started praying in tongues.

I woke up on the Thanksgiving Service morning still experiencing the weakness. I continued to pray in tongues in the bathroom as I bathed, and I heard silently in my spirit, ”Arthritis.” I didn’t want to worry about it so, I continued taking my bath. I left the house, later, to join a friend so that I could get to church for choir rehearsals that morning on time.

While waiting for her, it was as though my legs could not carry my body. I kept confessing God’s Word and praying in tongues. I could hear strange voices telling me I won’t walk, I would fall down there, I would die, etc., and some other things I can’t even remember.

My friend finally got ready and we left for church. I continued praying in tongues on our way to church. We got to church and everyone climbed up the stage to rehearse for the service. I found it difficult to stand upright and could not concentrate on the rehearsals. At that moment the Holy Spirit led me to pray this prayer, “Father, since I was young I have never wondered if my legs would carry my body or not. My body is Your temple so I refuse to worry and give it all to You.“ The Holy Spirit helped me not to focus on myself but on God. Therefore, I refused to worry and just believed that I was healed. My miracle manifested during the praise session. I stood up by faith and danced, confessing my healing. Every dance step I took was in faith. I danced vigorously shaking my legs as I danced. To the glory of God, I left service that day totally and completely healed, nothing missing nothing broken.