I Found Out That I Could Hear Clearly

Emmanuel A.

I developed partial hearing since my high school years in the late 90s, as a result of pneumonia. I barely hear when there is noise and would make anyone who spoke to me repeat a sentence over and over again. I was called semi-deaf and, “Ehen” since I used this vernacular expression whenever could not hear the person speaking clearly. Sometime in 2003, a family friend took me to the hospital for a check-up and we were told it was cold that had affected my hearing. It became so bad and embarrassing that people ended their calls with me rudely because I often made the phone conversation longer than necessary. Those who understood the situation would only send a text message rather than call me. At times, I would ask for a text message especially if the area is noisy. I also learnt to smile when I do not hear what a speaker says, in order not to ask them to repeat themselves.

During the Healing Service of 30th July 2017, Pastor Nkechi mentioned my case. She said God is healing those with ear problems, and that we were more than one. I placed both hands in my ears and believed God for my healing. During the testimony time on stage, a brother testified of God healing his hearing challenge. At that point, I kept crying and trusting God for mine. During the praise session, it felt like the music was too loud, seeming as if the volume was suddenly increased. During the announcement, I could hear what was said clearly and I tried making a call at that instant, and I found out that I could hear clearly in the midst of the noise.

Hallelujah! Even when I called my FOG leader while going home on a noisy bus, she couldn’t hear me because of the noise but I could hear her clearly.
God is indeed extremely big in me!