Hallelujah Week 2012 – [30/11/2012]
Pastor Charles Omofomah

Oh Hallelujah! Have we had a great Hallelujah Week? For now let’s just have this Word. Oh Hallelujah!

No matter what you have heard this whole year, or what you think you have now, I want to tell you something; the blood of Jesus speaks better things. There are better things ahead and they are for you. The watchword there is Better. Can everybody say Better! Can you put your hand on your chest and say Better. Do it one more time, better! Better things for me, say it again. The Bible says that Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego were ten times better than their equals. That is your portion. That something negative is happening to everybody; don’t expect it to happen to you. God has told me, this is what you should tell everybody. Better things are ahead! Let me see the hands of those that God has better things for.

The Bible says that you will know more than your teacher, which means you will know better things than your teachers. Hallelujah. Your portion this season is Better things and when anything that does not look better than what you had before comes to you, tell them that there are better things for me. Can you say that, “There are better things this season for me.” Say it again, “There are better things this seasons for me.” Let’s say it one more time; “There are better things this season for me. I am better than my teachers.” Can you just shout Halleluyah.