God Has Already Restored My Health, Joy, Emotions, Weight, Appetite, Physical Strength And All The Debit Alerts

Theo E.

January 19, 2017, I noticed from my medical report that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) value was 47.60 UG/L, which was higher than the normal value range of 0.01-3.5 ug/l. In February 2017, I visited Primus Hospital Abuja where the PSA test was repeated and the result shows higher value of 25ug/l. The urologist advised that I do a biopsy test, which I did and the result of the biopsy showed that my prostate had a tumour, which was cancerous.

Immediately the devil registered in me the thought of death awaiting me in the corner and reminding me of not fulfilling the happy and decent life that I had always desired and planned for my family, but I thank God that this thought was short-lived when the Spirit of God reminded me of His Word in Psalm 91:16 that says, “With long life He will satisfy me and show me His salvation” and Isaiah 53:5 which says that with His stripes I have been healed over 2000 years ago. I had peace after these revelations and I was further strengthened when the Lord told me in Philippians 4:4 that I should “Rejoice in the Lord always and again” He says I should “rejoice.” At this point, it became a known fact to me that this “Mumu disease” was in a wrong body.

My wife and I booked an appointment to see Pastor Nkechi in March 2017 and in the meeting, I told her of the medical situation and that I needed to do a surgery in India. At first, she wasn’t happy that I did not contact her while I was undergoing all these tests and have decided to do the surgery. She, however, asked how I was. I told her I had peace concerning the situation. She asked my wife if she was in agreement with me and she said yes. Pastor Nkechi reminded me of the potency and the efficacy of the Word of God that can heal any disease and that my case won’t be any different. She cursed the disease and prayed that my surgery would be successful and that I will experience favour in the hands of every contact having anything to do with the medical situation. She gave me Andrew Wommack Healing Journey videos volumes 1-3, which my wife and I watched repeatedly before I travelled for the surgery. These videos boosted my faith on seeing many other believers with similar diseases getting healed as they exercised their faith in the Word of God.

On April 13, 2017, before the surgery, my PSA value had risen from 47.6 to 62ng/MI. On April 15, 2017, I had the robotic prostate surgery and it was successful. I called Pastor Nkechi about the successful surgery and we both thanked God for answered prayers but very profoundly she kept close contact before and after the surgery while I was recuperating.

A week after the surgery the doctor invited me into his office to inform me that I had a bad case that the post-surgical pathology report showed that the cancer had already advanced to tertiary grade 5. He told me I needed to start chemotherapy immediately, which I declined. I remembered Jeremiah 30:17 where the Lord said He will restore my health and heal my wounds. That strengthened the peace that I already had concerning the situation and the assurance that the “Mumu disease” don miss road.

The recovery from the surgery was very fast and presently you can hardly recognize any scar as a result of the surgery. That’s God at work in me.

After my return, my wife and I met Pastor Nkechi with the pre and post-surgical pathological report and she said Theo this is the doctor’s report but God’s report is that “you were healed over 2000 years ago by His stripes.” She charged me to chew the Word of God as I take my medications. She prayed thanking God for my healing. She asked me about the chemotherapy and I told her I don’t want to undergo any chemotherapy, rather I will go for an alternative medicine therapy, which involves special dieting.

After the surgery, the PSA value of 62 came to 10.68 but this kept rising and it rose to 32.91 in November 2017. This became a source of concern and further gave the surgeon the impetus to affirm that the cancer is spreading to other parts of the body and the need for the chemotherapy was re-emphasized. When pastor knew about the rising PSA value, she prayed and cursed the PSA value to CRASH to the acceptable value.

My spirit got charged again when Pastor Nkechi during one of the Healing Services where she taught the Healing Miracle of Jesus Part 16 – Healing of the Lepers in July 2017 said, “HEALING IS AN EXPRESSION OF THE MERCY OF GOD” and that the mercy of God brings miracles, Ephesians 2:4. After the message, I began to chant mercy! Mercy!! Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!… With the belief that I will have my miracle.

While in the midst of this our awesome God orchestrated the visit of the surgeon to Nigeria on November 25, 2017. My wife and I visited him and he recommended that I do a Ga-68PSMA PET CT SCAN, a scan that can detect any cancer cell in any part of the body. Unfortunately, the recommended scan wasn’t available in Nigeria but available in the UK, Germany, Israel, India, Australia and Turkey. I opted for Turkey as it was closer and the logistics for visa and travel arrangement wasn’t complicated.

On December 12, 2017, I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey for the PSMA scan. Before my departure Pastor, Nkechi prayed declaring over me that it is a done deal and that I should go to confirm my healing. The scan was done and the report showed that there was no cancer cell in any of my organs. God went further to expose from the scan something that was never contemplated, that was my left 5ft lumbar vertebrate bone that was metastatic, which had been responsible for the severe lower back pain I had experienced over the years. My wife and I both agreed on the 3-day treatment plan with IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) technique proposed by the Hospital. I called Pastor Nkechi and told her about the scan report and the treatment plan which the hospital had proposed for the lumber vertebrate bone, and she agreed with us. After the treatment, I came back on December 24, 2017, and met Pastor Nkechi with the result, which we celebrated because it was God that brought the surgeon to Nigeria to recommend the scan that discovered the metastatic lumbar vertebrate bone and also confirming that all my organs were cancer free. In spite of all this, the PSA value was still rising.

Something profound happened in the 2017 31st Night Service where Pastor Nkechi spotted me and observed that I was losing weight. She immediately sent my wife an SMS asking her what is happening that I was losing weight. My wife told her I wasn’t eating well. Pastor Nkechi immediately scheduled a bi-monthly communion in her office until my next visit to Turkey for a follow-up check in April 2018.

While having the first communion she prayed that I will have the appetite to eat food because the body needs the food to function well. That evening, my appetite was amazing (extra-large) to the extent that I ate bread and a full can of sardine, beans and later had Amala and vegetable soup on the spot. From then till now I have been eating voraciously and my weight has been restored beyond my original weight. My original body weight is 65 kg for most of my life. It dropped to 61kg and after the appetite prayer by Pastor, it is now 69.6kg!!!

At a point I had to comically tell her that the anointing on that prayer was too much and that she should reduce it, we laughed and she said, “As for the weight gain, the prayer never work finish… that restoration gives you more than you had before the challenge.”

On April 14, 2018, I went back to the hospital in Istanbul Turkey for a follow-up check and after the PSMA PET CT SCAN the report showed that I am 100% free of cancer and all the activities that give rise to cancer are not happening anywhere in my body. My PSA crashed from 32.91 in November 2017 to 1.22ng/mi in April 2018 and 0.12 in May 2018! This was within the acceptable range of 0.01-3-5ng/mi as declared by Pastor Nkechi in her prayer. God answers prayers.

I am in my restoration phase of my healing journey and God in His Word in Joel 2:25-26 that He will repay me for all the locusts had eaten and that I will have plenty of food to eat until I am full, and I will praise Him for the wonderful work and never again will I be afflicted (paraphrasing) and Jeremiah 30:17, which says that He will restore to me my health and heal my wounds declares the lord. Hallelujah!! I am glad to announce that God has already restored my health, joy, emotions, weight, appetite, physical strength and all the debit alerts.

My brothers and sisters, I urge you to trust in the Lord because He is ever present to do us good no matter the situation we find ourselves.

I must not fail to salute my super girl (My wife, Oke) who stood by me 24/7 and who was never perturbed any day throughout the healing journey. She was not just a physical support but a spiritual one and was quick to report me to Pastor in the initial stages if she felt I was not cooperating the way she wanted. My walk with God and commitment to His Word has changed drastically and my super girl can testify to that. What the devil meant for evil the Lord turned it around for good.

Pastor Nkechi, I thank you for incubating me with your fervent prayers and the undiluted Word of God during my healing Journey. It was very obvious that you took special permission from God to treat me very specially. To me, it was more like, “This one, I no go lose you.” Many times protocols were not observed because of me. I got all the care and favour a sheep could get from its shepherd who happened to be my authentic Pastor Nkechi whom I liken to a “Palm Tree.” Pastor Nkechi I thank you for the book “Paid In Full” by Rick Renner you specifically asked me to read, and I can testify that the book did a spiritual surgery in my healing journey and I do appreciate you.

I thank Pastor Sola and my mega zone pastor who had at various times interceded on my behalf. My FOG leader, my ushering and protocol leaders who showed me favour in my off duty during this period.

There is nothing God cannot change or do. Jesus did it for me and He can do it for you too if only you can believe in Him.