Distribution Week Day 5 – [5/7/2013]
Pastor Sola Akinwale

Go ahead and worship Him. Praise belongs to Him. Oh glory to God! Praise belongs to Him. In the morning praise is His. At night praise is His, no matter the situation or the season of your life, praise belongs to Him. Praise belongs to Him. Go ahead and bless Him. Oh glory, glory. Give the Lord a shout of praise! Praise belongs to Him. Oh glory!

I hear God saying, “take the Spirit of these meetings with you; take the deposit. There has been an unusual deposit of these meetings with you. Take the deposit; there has been an unusual deposit of My grace and of My unction in these meetings. Take this with you everywhere you go, and let the oil of joy continually flow out of your heart. Let there be joy continually. Irrespective of your situation, make the decision to praise, to put on that garment of praise and the spirit of heaviness will depart; and sadness and sorrow will not be known around you.

As far as the east is from the west, so will sadness, sighing, sickness, disease, poverty, pain, lack be far from you. Oh glory! And when situations that appear contrary to what you have heard comes, just realize that it’s a mirage, realize that it is a lie; it is the Devil trying to play a fast one on you. But let the deposit that has been put within you and the grace of God that lives on the inside of you rise up, and let it gain the mastery. And let there always be a song in your mouth.”

“For it is a new season,” says God. “Things are not going to be the way they have always been. It’s a new season,” says God. “So rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad! People will see you in a different light after these meetings, because indeed you have been turned into another man. Things are no more the way they were, for this is a new season upon you,” says God. “An unusual unction rest upon you, and you’ll begin to see opportunities to demonstrate them. And when they come, don’t see them as obstacles, recognise them as opportunities and stepping-stones to greater glory. “