Distribution Week Day 4 – [4/7/2013]
Pastor Nkechi Ene (Mrs.)

Thus saith the Lord of Host, “Let your hands be strong, you that hear in these days, these words by the mouths of the prophets which were in the day that the foundation of the house of the Lord of Host was laid, that the temple might be built. Ye who hear the Words of God from His prophets, ye who believe the Word of God from His prophets, this Word is for you. Ye who know that this is a time of building and expansion, ye who hearken to the Words of God from His prophets, ye who recognizes, those who recognize when God speaks through His prophets, this is for you. For before these days, there was no hire for man, or hire for beast, neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction. For I set all men, everyone against his neighbour. Before these days,” says the Word of the Lord, “there was no hire, no salary, no wages, unemployment was the order of the day. Before these days, those who went out and those who came in had no peace, no shalom. Businessmen went out and came in, no contract. Unemployed people went out, applied and came in, no shalom, no prosperity, no welfare because of the affliction, because of the tight corner, because of the tight place, because of the economy, because of the way things were.”

“But now, I will not be unto the residue of these people as in the former days,” says the Lord of Host. “Because these are better days. These are days when you will go out and come in, and come back with shalom. You will go out and come in, and come back with prosperity. There will be hire for the works of your hands, because your hands will be strong, because you have heard the Words of God through His prophets. Your hands will be strong and there will be hire. You will choose the job you will take. You will seek partners because of the magnitude of the contracts you will get. For these are new days,” says God. “These are days when the Lord is no longer angry with mankind.”

These are days when God sits on His throne and smiles at you. And He just smiles at you, because He is pleased with you, because Jesus pleased Him on your behalf. So these are good days, nay, these are better days. Get ready for hire that your hands cannot handle. Get ready for hire that you would need help to execute. Get ready for your steps to be ordered aright, so you would know just where to go and they will be waiting for you; and they will say to you, “we were expecting you, where have you been? We heard about you, we heard about what you can do, we heard what you have done. We didn’t know where to find you, we have been waiting for you.” And you will say, “yes! These are better days.”

“For the seed shall be prosperous. This is how it will happen; the seed will be prosperous, that means the seed shall be shalom. Where your going out and your coming-in in times past, could not produce shalom, your seed will produce shalom. Where you are wandering, searching by your natural strength could yield no result, your seed is the divine connection that will produce shalom.” For the word of the Lord says, “your seed will produce shalom.”

“When you pick up your seed to sow your seed, declare, this is shalom seed. Nothing missing, nothing broken, hundred-fold return, no part dead, no part lost. For this is the season where your seed shall be shalom. The vine shall give her reward. The vine will bring forth her fruit for you, and the ground shall bring her increase, and the heavens shall bring their dew. And I will cause the remnant of these people to possess all of these things,” says the Lord.

“What I have for you is not just enough; it is more than enough. The realm I have for you, is not just part, it is all, and that will happen because your seed shall be prosperous, your seed shall be shalom. And your vine will yield her reward. Wealth and increase will come from below and come from above. The ground will yield her increase, the heavens will bring their dew. From every possible place you will have an advantage. From the ground there will be increase, from the heavens there will be increase. You will have increase by supernatural, inexplicable miracles. You will have increase by process and following progression. Increase will come in every possible way, because every possible advantage has been released unto you.”

I prophesy to you that it shall come to pass, because you have heard the words of the prophet, because you have believed that these are better days, because you have known that now there will be salary, wages, hire for the works of your hands, because you have believed that God’s disposition towards you is that of grace and favour, because you have declared that your seed is that of favour, your vine will bring reward, and the heavens and the earth will yield their wealth and their resources to you.

There are contracts that have not been executed, because the world is waiting for you. There are jobs that will be created just for you. Companies will say, “we have never had this position before, but we feel this is the position that you fit into, therefore we are creating this position just for you. Write your own job description, tell us what you will do for us.” That is what happens when your seed is shalom.

“And it shall come to pass that as you were a curse, you were a curse among the heathen, oh house of Judah, and house of Israel, and house of The Carpenter’s Church, as you were a curse among the heathen, so will I save you, and you shall be a blessing. You shall be a blessing. Fear not! But let your hands be strong. This is the time for your name to change. This is the time for your status to change. Where your situation made you a curse and a reproach, this is the time for a change,” says the Spirit of God.

“Now not only are you blessed, but you shall be a blessing. Not only are you blessed, but those who come in contact with you, will come in contact with Me, because you are blessed and you are blessed to be a blessing. No longer will anything associated with a curse be found near you. For all around you like a shield, all around you like a force shall be the blessing. In front of you, the blessing shall go before you. Behind you the blessing will protect you. To your left and to your right, the blessing will be your bodyguard. Never again will the reproach be found near you because your seed shall be shalom. “

“Open, open, open your own hearts and merge with my heart,” says the Spirit of God. “Open your own hearts, remove the veil, remove the obstacles, remove the fear, open your own hearts and let there be a joining, let there be a merging with My heart. For I have opened it all unto you. I have held nothing back. Your vine will bring its reward because your seed is shalom.”