October 14, 2018.    Pastor Charles

46 But Jesus said, “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me.”
Luke 8:46

The woman with the issue of blood didn’t take permission from Jesus. She didn’t notify Jesus by saying, “I’ve had this issue of blood for twelve years and I want to contact God’s power via your “garment. Please may I?” One of the Gospel accounts says, the woman kept saying to herself, “If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole” (Matthew 9:21). It was the woman’s faith that touched Jesus. It was not Jesus who touched her. She didn’t even take permission. We could say that she was a very “rude” woman. Our Lord Jesus didn’t say, “How rude! Why did you do this?” If anything, Jesus likes rude faith; the faith that takes no permission.

I want to say something that may sound very hard. If you have reached a point where you’ve said, “God didn’t heal me,” then you’ve given up. It’s not that God didn’t heal you. It’s that you didn’t make contact. There are some people who are still thanking God for their healing even though it has not yet manifested. Those people are still on course. If however, you say, “I’ve prayed and prayed, but God still has not healed me,” then you haven’t made contact. Whenever contact is made, power is released. Just like power was released when Albert touched that socket and it flung him across the room! (This is still a family joke today!)

In the same way, every time, and anytime you release faith, power comes out! When Jesus said He discerned that power came out of Him, He wasn’t referring to all the people who wanted to touch Him. You may have been to crusades or church services where the power of God was released, and cancer patients were healed, but somebody who came in with a headache didn’t get healed. In fact, someone may go to a crusade, with both pneumonia and cancer conditions. He may have been believing God and releasing faith to be healed of what he felt was the more difficult disease – the cancer. Indeed he would get healed of cancer, but would still go home with the pneumonia, yet the power of God would have been available to heal both conditions.

Confession: Whenever contact is made power is released. By my faith I make contact with the power of God available to me.