October 11, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

1 Now the LORD had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you.”
Genesis 12:1

When Abraham left, he didn’t know where he was going, but he went by faith. Can you imagine where we would all have been, had Abraham not gone? He left all his security and his comfort zone. Sometimes when God is kicking you out of your comfort zone, it looks like it is an uncomfortable zone that He wants to get you into, but it’s not. If it is God speaking to you, and you are His sheep and you heard His voice, you can be confident and go because there is a greater comfort zone awaiting you if you move by faith in Him.

Some of us have security in false things such as our looks, who we know, our friends and so on. Sometimes those are the things hindering God’s purpose in our lives. God wants you to make new relationships and associations.

Take steps into what looks like the unknown, as long as it is in the grace of God. My prayer for you is that you will receive the courage from God to depart.

It does not matter how long you have been in your comfort zone. Abraham was 75 years old when he departed from his native land and that is why we talk about Abraham until today. Take a step of faith today and depart from where you have been standing. Depart from paying ten percent tithe and increase your tithe. Maybe you need to depart from the type of offerings you have been giving. Or depart from the kind of relationships you have been keeping. If Abraham, Noah and Moses could hear the voice of God and act on it, then you who belong to a better covenant, based on better promises, can certainly hear His voice and act on it.

Confession: I take a step of faith in obedience to what the voice of God tells me to do even if it requires that I step out of my comfort zone.