October 3, 2018.    Pastor Charles

8 “So when evening had come, the owner of the vineyard said to his steward, ‘Call the labourers and give them their wages, beginning with the last to the first.’”
Matthew 20:8

People usually pay labourers from the first to the last, but the owner of the vineyard paid from the last to the first. When the landowner paid the last and the first the same amount of money, the first set, thinking they would receive more than the last, complained against the landowner (Matthew 20:8-12). When God displays His sovereignty, people might complain because it goes contrary to their usual pattern or expectation. God will do unusual things to favour you. These are the days of God’s unusual favour for His children.

It is good to receive by faith but there is a time to remember that even when you feel that your faith is not up to scratch, there is a sovereign God who is biased in your favour. Let your expectation make contact with His favour. Begin to expect waves of favour that under normal circumstances, you had no right to expect. Expect anything good because of the sovereignty of your Father.

There is a sister who was a prostitute before coming to our church. When she came off the streets, two years later, one of the committed brothers in church saw her and decided to marry her. Some of the single sisters who have been serving God for many years, instead of rejoicing with her, started saying that the brothers in church are not spiritual. They forgot that if God could do it for her, He could do it for them. They asked, “Does he not know that she used to be a prostitute?” Rejoice with others because sometimes, the things God does will not always go the way you think they should, but it will go the way of His sovereignty. God’s sovereignty displays His goodness and unveils His favour.

Confession: I am favoured by God. I expect waves that are uncommon to come to me. I expect anything good to happen to me through my Father’s sovereignty.