October 1, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi

10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

God is not a thief; it is the Devil that is the thief. God will not be sovereign with what does not belong to Him. Evil does not belong to Him. Evil comes from the enemy who is the thief. God is a good God.

Accidents do not belong to God. Untimely death does not belong to Him. Cancer does not belong to Him. Poverty does not belong to Him, because all these things are curses. He will not use His sovereignty to give you what He does not have. God has a right to do what He likes with what is His, and all these evil things do not belong to Him. He can’t display His sovereignty with things that don’t belong to Him. Simple!

The truth about the sovereignty of God should give you a paradigm shift concerning His nature. Some Christians think He just does what He wants including evil things. Maybe something you have been trusting God for, does not quite go the way you expected it to, so you say, “He is sovereign!” That is a wrong notion concerning God’s sovereignty. Another wrong belief concerning God’s sovereignty is displayed when people die young. Many erroneously see untimely death as the display of God’s sovereignty. For instance, a plane falls from the sky and people die, and we say, “God is at His sovereignty again. Who can question Him?” Remember, God only uses His sovereignty for good. His sovereignty can only reveal and display His nature.

When you have questions and you don’t have the answers, why not just keep quiet? Don’t blame God for a plane crash. Don’t blame God for an earthquake that kills many people. Don’t blame God for the untimely death of a loved one. If it is not good then it is not God. God is a good God.

Confession: God is sovereign, but He is only sovereign over the things that belong to Him. Evil does not belong to Him. I only expect the display of His goodness over me because He is good.