September 29, 2018.    Pastor Charles

17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
James 2:17

Another way you agree with God is by your actions. You should perform actions that agree with what you are saying – and what you are saying should agree with what God is saying. Think right, talk right and act right.

When you begin to do this, you may make enemies because people will ask, “Are you the only Christian, why are you behaving like this?” They will say they have been Christians long before you became a Christian. They are not thinking the way God thinks, they are not talking the way God talks, and they are not acting the way God acts. They are the way they were or worse than the way they were before they became Christians. That is not how God wants you to be.

If you are sick with a terminal situation and doctors have given up on you, begin to think God’s thoughts, begin to talk God’s talk and act God’s acts. Get out of that bed and begin to walk around as much as you can, tell the Devil that you will not die but you will live to show forth the glory of God (Psalm 118:17). Tell him that you are the possessor of your body. Your body is the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19). Do you remember when Jesus came to the temple and saw people buying and selling and doing all kinds of things? If Jesus just passed through and did not chase them away with a whip, do you think they would have stopped selling? They wouldn’t have stopped. Let me tell you: you’ve got to take charge. You must not allow stupid “buying and selling” in the temple of God. The temple of God is your body. You must not do the wishes of your body or let the enemy have his way because your body is the temple of God.

Take charge. Take charge of your thinking; take charge of your talking, and take charge of your action. The inevitable result will be the unusual and the miraculous.

Confession: I agree with God by my actions. My actions agree with my thoughts and words. The combination of my thoughts, words and actions will be the unusual acts of God in my life.