September 10, 2018.    Pastor Charles
Double Honour

17 Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine.
1 Timothy 5:17

Have you ever wondered why this verse says that you should give your pastors and teachers double honour? The literal meaning of “double honour” is double salary. Do you say, “What will my pastor do with all that money?” Let it be their choice to put everything back into the ministry if they want to. God may have told you to do something for your pastor. He didn’t suggest it to you; He commanded you, but you didn’t have the courage to do it. You may have looked at your present situation and circumstance and said, “Later.”

Does it not surprise you that God commanded the widow of Zarephath, but she didn’t immediately do what God had asked her to do (1 Kings 17:9)? It took the ministry of Elijah, the man of God for her to get to the position where she was able to overcome her fears and do what God asked her to do (1 Kings 17:13-15). She did according to the words of Elijah and the jar of oil did not run out. Your responsibility is to obey God and to trust the wisdom of God upon your pastor.

Some years ago somebody met a member of the church I pastor, and asked, “What church do you attend?” He told him, “The Carpenter’s Church.” He then asked, “Who is your pastor?” He said, “Pastor Charles.” He said he knew me on campus. When the member of our church told him we were doing well as a church, his next question was, “So what kind of car does Pastor Charles drive now?” It is interesting that this was his first assessment of our success. At that time, I had no car and it didn’t bother me. Some years before then, some church members had put some money together to get me a car. God told me not to touch it, but to put it back into the ministry, and I did. When I eventually got a car, it came in a grand style, everything was complete.

Thank God for the grace to handle double honour.

Confession: Father, I am a willing vessel of double honour to the pastors and teachers You have given me – especially those who labour in the Word and doctrine. As I am led by You to bring honour to them, I will experience Your honour and favour in my life, in Jesus’ Name.