July 27, 2018.    Pastor Nkechi
Dose #3: Do Not Let Them Depart From Your Eyes

21 Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart.
Proverbs 4:21

When you have paid attention to His Word in humility and with a teachable heart, and learnt some things you may not have known before, then don’t let them ever turn aside from your eyes; don’t ever miss your focus. Keep your focus on what you learnt. Don’t entertain any other images. Don’t let your eyes see anything other than what you have learnt.

When images of yourself dying at a premature age begin to flash, what do you do? When the Devil suggests symptoms to you what do you do? Which image do you see? Does your focus remain clear, or does it begin to get blurred?

Friend, since these images and thoughts are not consistent with what you have learnt from the Word, don’t entertain them. Keep the image that tallies with the Word in front of you. The Scripture says your whole body is to be full of light (Luke 11:34). If your body will be full of light, it means your body will be full of healing because anything opposite of light is darkness, and sickness and disease come from the king of darkness, the Devil (Acts 10:38).

I remember sitting in my office one day and a sudden but very clear thought flashed through my mind of my daughter who was about six years old then dying suddenly. I didn’t let the thought stay. I opened my mouth and countered it out loud immediately. Recognizing the source of the thought I spoke out, “Mr. Devil you take a seat right here. Yes, sit down here. Now listen, I reject that thought. It is not mine and I don’t accept it!” Then I went on to paint an image of what the Word of God said about my daughter’s protection and long life. Half way through I paused and looked at the seat in front of me and said, “Where are you going, Mr. Devil? I am not done yet. You can’t take anymore? Can’t you stand the truth? Now get out of here and stay out!”

Confession: God’s promises on my healing do not depart from my eyes. Through the Word I see myself perfectly healed.